Marine Gasoline Generators

KOHLER Marine Gasoline Generators: Small in size, big on performance. KOHLER(R) 4 to 15 kW gasoline generators are perfect for both cruisers and sport boats.
Discover why the world’s leading pleasure craft manufacturers specify KOHLER marine generators – time-tested alternator and reliable 4-cycle engines deliver peace of mind and dependability.

WESTERBEKE Marine Gasoline Generators: With over 70 years of experience in the marine generator industry and a support network that’s unmatched, it’s easy to see why Westerbeke is the prevailing leader in marine gasoline generators. Available in 2, 3 or 4 cylinder configurations, our gasoline generators represent a breakthrough in compactness, quietness, and reliability that have become the preferred standard of today’s discerning boat owner. Running at low RPMs, our marine gasoline generators offer quiet, dependable power options perfect for small and mid-size pleasure craft right up to houseboats.

FISCHER PANDA Marine Gasoline Generators: Fischer Panda manufactures the only genuine 100% fresh water-cooled asynchronous generator for use in Marine


KOHLER Marine Gasoline Generators


Marine Gasoline Generators, Kohler Marine Gas Generators




5EKD Kohler Marine Gas Generators5KW60 Hzview-more
7.5EKD Kohler Marine Gas Generators7.5KW60 Hzview-more
10EKD Kohler Marine Gas Generators10KW60 Hzview-more
WESTERBEKE Marine Gasoline Generators


Marine Gasoline Generators, Westerbeke Marine Gas Generators




3.5 SBCG Low-Co Westerbeke Marine Gas Generators3.5KW60 Hzview-more
5.0 MCG Low-Co Westerbeke Marine Gas Generators5KW60 Hzview-more
6.5 MCG Low-Co Westerbeke Marine Gas Generators6.5KW60 Hzview-more
8.0 SBEG Low-Co Westerbeke Marine Gas Generators8KW60 Hzview-more
10.0 SBEG Low-Co Westerbeke Marine Gas Generators10KW60 Hzview-more
12.5 SBEG Low-Co Westerbeke Marine Gas Generators12.5KW60 Hzview-more
14.0 SBEG Low-Co Westerbeke Marine Gas Generators14KW60 Hzview-more
20.0 SBEG Low-Co Westerbeke Marine Gas Generators20KW60 Hzview-more
22.5 SBEGA Low-Co Westerbeke Marine Gas Generators22.5KW60 Hzview-more

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