The EX series Bow Thruster can be installed in most boats between 20 and 45 feet. These pod thrusters are an excellent choice where a tunnel thruster cannot fit, or as an extremely compact stern thruster. They are also especially good for retrofitting. The flexible mounting at the extreme bow of the boat hull allows a deeper position underwater which creates an optimal leverage compared to conventional thrusters.

EX55 Compact External Single Bow ThrusterEX55 Compact External Single Bow Thruster


  • Optimally streamlined design
  • Hydrodynamic shape, very short flow-channel and ideal placement reduce water resistance
  • Easy installation, only requires the drilling three small holes to install
  • Lower install cost due to simplified install
  • Reduced noise based on optimal tunnel shape and submerged motor
  • Longer duration based on water cooling of motor and housing
  • Space saving, less interior equipment needed.




Thrust @ 23V

117 lbs/53kg




23.00″(Width), 8.00″(Height), 26.00″(Length)

Min Depth to Top of Tunnel

5.9″ (150mm)

Min Depth to Center of Tunnel

9.5″ (240mm)

Approx. Boat Size

28-36′ (8.5-11 m)

Typical Boat Size

35-48′ (10-15 m)

Propulsion System

Single Drive

Tunnel Diameter (I.D.)


Power @ 21V


Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 23 × 8 in


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