Max Power Thruster CT325 Electric Tunnel 24V

Explore the pinnacle of our electric boat thruster range with the Max Power Thruster CT325, the largest and most powerful option designed for motor boats and deep-footed sailing yachts from 52’ to 90’. This model is a testament to the innovative engineering of Max Power electric boat thrusters, ensuring superior maneuverability for larger vessels.

Key Features of the CT325 Electric Boat Thruster:

  • Power and Efficiency: Operating on a 24V DC system, the CT325 is available exclusively in bronze, enhancing its durability and performance under tough marine conditions. It is part of the comprehensive Max Power electric boat thruster range tailored for luxury yachts needing robust tunnel thruster solutions.
  • Voltage and Performance: Thrusters in this range are designed to operate optimally at lower voltages, with 10.75V for 12V units and 22V for 24V units, achieving higher thrust ratings and efficient power consumption. The performance data suggest optimal installation at an immersion depth equal to one tunnel’s diameter, maintaining efficiency even in tunnels up to twice the diameter, with slight variations.
  • Durability and Maintenance: The CT325 features corrosion-free composite drive legs that eliminate the need for periodic anode changes and are pre-filled with oil, sealed for life, ensuring zero maintenance. Additionally, the case-hardened spiro-conical gears ensure a silent, smooth, and durable operation.
  • Safety and Reliability: Equipped with line shields to protect oil seals from fishing lines and fouling, this electric boat thruster offers maintenance-free operation. High-efficiency, purpose-built DC motors provide outstanding performance and extended runtime, while solid copper contact bars and high-specification DC contactors ensure safe, high-power connections.
  • Advanced Control Features: The electronic control boxes come with unique safety features designed to prevent accidental misuse, setting a new standard in thruster control technology.

Conclusion: The Max Power Thruster CT325 is only available with a bronze drive leg, reinforcing its position as a premium choice within the electric boat thruster market. Ideal for yacht owners seeking a reliable, powerful, and easy-to-maintain thruster solution, the CT325 enhances both the value and functionality of any large yacht.

Invest in the Max Power Thruster CT325 for unmatched control and performance that define modern maritime excellence. Discover more about how our electric boat thrusters can transform your marine navigation and docking experiences.













24V 255(kg) / 562(lbs) 2 19.69(kw) / 26.4(hp) 59(kg) 250(mm) 250(mm) 480(mm) 315(mm) 9 – 10(mm)



Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 26 × 26 in


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