Experience precise navigation with the SEP250/300TC 24V Thruster Unit, featuring a sealed gearleg and 5-blade props. Meticulously engineered for optimal performance, this advanced unit ensures nimble and efficient maneuvers on the water. Tailored for a 24-volt system, it seamlessly integrates power with energy efficiency. Elevate your maritime experience with the SEP250/300TC – the premier choice for those seeking reliable and dynamic thruster performance in various applications. Its innovative design enhances functionality, providing superior control for confident and seamless navigation.

Other items to consider when purchasing a new thruster:

  • Bow Tunnel or Stern Tunnel
  • Control Panels and Accessories
  • Radio Remote Controls (on-off only)
  • AutoMainswitch or manual Battery Switch and Fuse & Fuseholder
  • S Link Control Cabling (see S-link overview)

Ask us about an SEP Upgrade for existing On-Off thrusters today!

Name Description
Approximate Ship Weight (lbs) 198
Weight 198 lbs


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