Max Power Ct60 stern Pod CT60 Pod

The CT60 is a single propeller thruster that is ideal for motor boats and sailing yachts between 20-40 feet and operates on 12V. It is made of composite materials and has a 185mm diameter tunnel. The 12V model has a thrust rating of up to 60/132 (kg/lbs) or 60/143 (kg/lbs). The CT60 comes with the Max Power electric tunnel thruster features such as patented composite drive legs, zero maintenance, case-hardened spiro-conical gears, line shields, purpose-built DC motors, electronic control boxes, safe and high-power connections, and purpose-built DC contactors with high specifications. Many yachts come fitted with the CT60 as standard.

It is essential to note that thrusters are designed to run at 10.75V on 12V. Higher voltages result in increased thrust ratings, higher power consumption, and a reduced duty cycle. The performance data is provided for a thruster installed at an immersion depth of one tunnel’s diameter in a tunnel no longer than twice the tunnel’s diameter. This is within a variation of +/- 6%. Longer tunnels will result in lower thrust ratings and higher power consumption.

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 12 in
Select Voltage

12V, 24V