SX35, External thruster bow/stern pod 12V, through hull Up to 50mm, 150mm Hull Thickness

50kg thrust, on/off, <=150mm hull, w/controller

SX35 is our most compact thruster yet, with 50-62 kg thrust. Its versatile design allows for installation on boats of any hull shape up to 37 feet in length.

The external unit is easy to mount. No GRP work is necessary on boats with a hull thickness of up to 150 mm.



The Q-PROP™ has measured noise reductions of up to 75% in controlled environments. The five-bladed skew propeller reduces noise levels while maintaining exceptional efficiency. Some thruster models even see an increase in thrust power.

  • The expected noise reduction in average installations: 20-40%
  • Upgrade kits are available for most Sleipner thruster models with special adaptors


Sleipner’s patented intelligent power control provides a minimal delay between drive directions to reduce mechanical part wear while monitoring solenoid functions. In the case of a solenoid lock-in, the thruster will automatically stop without extra user action or controlling the main switch.


Our ignition-protected products comply with ISO 8846 and ensure that gasoline or other flammable fumes cannot enter or be ignited.


Waterproof housing for use in areas exposed to water.


On/off thrusters are automatically shut off when an unsafe temperature is detected to prevent overheating. PRO™ thrusters with speed control provide extended run-time by derating the thrust power to maintain temperature within safe levels.


Powered by direct current.


Sleipner analog signal cables with Plug & Play connectors are color-coded to match the wiring diagrams with high-quality connectors to ensure a correct installation.


Immersed parts exposed to seawater are galvanic and isolated from the onboard electrical system, eliminating stray currents.


The thruster gear leg is pre-filled for lifetime lubrication and sealed using a long-term mechanical seal with ceramic and carbon surfaces for ultimate security against water intrusion.


A properly engineered single propeller system will be the most energy-efficient thruster. Its compact design fits easily into narrow bows, making it the perfect match for our smaller thruster range. With more than 60.000 single propeller thrusters in use, the single propeller has proven reliable.


Technical information

Power Value
Power Source Electric
Voltage 12V DC
Power Output 2.8kW / 3.75hp
Thrust at 12V 62kg / 136lbs
Thrust at 10.5V 50kg / 110lbs
Current Draw 370A
Min. Battery CCA (DIN) 350
Min. Battery CCA (SAE) 665
Min. Battery CCA (EN) 600
Recommended fuse ANL 325


Operational Intention Value
Ideal Vessel Class Motorboat, sailboat
Ideal Vessel Size 8-11m / 27-37ft
Bow Capability No
Stern Capability Yes
Retractable Capability No
External Mounting Capability Yes
Tunnel Capability No


Weight Value
Weight 15.3kg / 33.73lbs


Measurements Value
(H) Height 374mm / 14.72in
(L) Length 171mm / 6.7in
(W) Width 183mm / 7.2in
(b) 276mm / 10.9in
(c) 50mm / 2in
(d) 18mm / 0.7in
(e) 35.8mm / 1.4in
(f) 65mm / 2.6in
(g) 130mm / 5.1in


Cut Out Template, SX (35,50)

Installation Manual, SX (SX35, SX50)

The compact SX models are available in four configurations, which allow for a wide array of installation options in the bow and stern of the boat.

1. Standard stern thruster

It is the most compact stern thruster on the market—minimal height and width requirements.

Standard stern thruster.png

2. Stern thruster with protection grids

An optimal solution for increased safety during watersport activities or for vessels used in waters with debris or drifting objects.

Stern thruster with protection grids.png

3. Stern thruster with cowls

Many vessels have a hull design requirement on the boat’s transom that disturbs the water flow to and from the stern thruster, thus making it less efficient. The adjustable cowls make the water flow less disturbed, obtain a higher efficiency level, and allow a shallow installation closer to the waterline.

Stern thruster with grids.png

4. Hydropod bow- and stern thruster

With the hydropod low-drag cover, the SX can be mounted under the hull in the water flow for low- and mid-speed vessels. The optimal design adds minimal drag and will, in most installations, not be noticeable. The in-flow configuration is perfect for boats where it is difficult to fit a tunnel thruster or, for example, as a stern thruster for cruising sailboats.

Hydropod bow- and stern thruster.png


It fits where others won’t. The SX’s versatile installation possibilities and small size make it a perfect choice for vessels whose inside configuration does not allow a standard thruster installation.

Easy installation
Drilling three small holes with a minimal footprint on the hull is only required. No fiberglass work is necessary. It is compatible with standard Side-Power products, control panels, and accessories.

Minimal noise emission
The thruster operates remarkably quietly with a short and optimally designed tunnel, vibration-absorbing sleeves on all hull connections, 5-bladed Q-Prop™, and the fully submerged unit.

It is ignition-protected. Due to its hermetically sealed housing, it can advantageously be installed in stern locations on high-octane gasoline boats. It is ISO 8846 and UL 1500 certified. A galvanic isolation kit for metal/aluminum hulls and safety protection grids are available as accessories.

Long run times
The external placement of the unit provides a more efficient water cooling and allows a prolonged duration per cycle of the unit than with traditional bow and stern thrusters. Even longer run times in the PRO™ version when running at reduced speed.

Optimal efficiency
The optimum efficiency of the SX models results from a shorter transverse channel and ideal leverage created by more profound and remote positioning away from the pivot point. Provide up to 40 percent higher efficiency than conventional tunnels.





SX35, External thruster bow/stern pod 12V, through hull Up to 50mm, 150mm Hull Thickness SX35, External thruster bow/stern pod 12V, through hull Up to 50mm, 150mm Hull Thickness SX35, External thruster bow/stern pod 12V, through hull Up to 50mm, 150mm Hull Thickness SX35, External thruster bow/stern pod 12V, through hull Up to 50mm, 150mm Hull Thickness

Other items to consider when purchasing a new thruster:

  • Control Panels and Remote Controls
  • AutoMainswitch, Battery Disconnect, Fuse & Fuseholder
  • 4-Wire Harnesses (when not using AutoMainswitch)
  • 5-Wire Harnesses (for use with AutoMainswitch)
  • Consider adding the Cowls SM130773 or Grates SM130789 for use between Outboards, Stern Drives, or other shallow applications like Ski Boats.
  • For isolation on aluminum/steel hulls or spacing, consider an isolation block of SM148170 50mm or SM148171 10mm.
Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 23 × 8 in


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