Kohler 6EKOD Marine Diesel Generator 6K

Kohler Marine Diesel Generators 6EKOD 6,000 Kilo Watts (6KW)

Engine features:

  • Diesel fueled
  • Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conform to Tier III marine auxiliary standards
  • Three cylinder
  • Four cycle
  • Closed cooling system D Heat exchanger
  • Lifting eye
  • Low oil pressure shutdown
  • High engine temperature shutdown
  • Low seawater pressure shutdown
  • Vibromount
  • Belt guard
  • Disposable oil filter
  • Oil drain valve
  • Programmed glow plug circuit for cold starting D Disposable fuel filter

Generator features:

  • Remote start 12-pin connector
  • Class H insulation
  • Multivoltage adjustability
  • Voltage regulation of 1.0%
  • Radio suppression

ADC IId Advanced Digital Control Features

  • Designed for today’s most sophisticated electronics D Easy to read 12 x 2 LCD alpha-numeric display
  • Compact, integrally mounted control
  • Sealed connectors for maximum corrosion protection
  • SAE J1939, SmartCraftt, NMEA 2000 selectable CANbus outputs
  • Remote monitoring of fault conditions
  • Pushbutton dial for configuration and adjustment D Programmed crank cycle

Optional Accessories

  • Aluminum sound shield
  • Remote digital gauge (2 or 3 inch) D Siphon break
  • Ignition protected starter
  • Circuit breakers




60 Hz


Generator with sound shield



  528 mm (20.79 in.)


  559 mm (22.01 in.)


  780 mm (30.71 in.)

Weight, wet:

  222 kg (490 lbs)

Generator without sound shield



  448 mm (17.65 in.)


  536 mm (21.12 in.)


  743 mm (29.26 in.)

Weight, dry:

  181 kg (398 lbs)

Weight, wet:

  185 kg (407 lbs)



  • Sound Shield Provides for highly effective silencing, ease of access for engine/generator servicing, low maintenance, excellent durability, and safety.
  • Siphon Break Mandatory kit on generators installed below the waterline. Prevents the siphoning of flotation water into the engine.
  •  Line Circuit Breakers Protect the generator from extreme overload.
  • Ship-to-Shore Switch Allows immediate switching to Kohler generator set power or shore power protecting the electrical system from the possibility of simultaneous connection of both power sources.
  • Remote Digital Gauge Allows starting and stopping from a location remote from the generator set.
  • Remote Connection/Extension Harness Provides wiring for the remote digital gauge.
  • 12-Inch Remote Wiring Harness Equipped with a 12-pin connector on one end that connects to the standard customer interface connector. Equipped on the other end with leads for connection to customer-supplied wiring.


logo pdfGENERATOR 6EKOD KOHLER Specifications

logo pdfGENERATOR 6EKOD KOHLER Dimensional Drawing

logo pdfGENERATOR 6EKOD KOHLER Enclosure Drawing

Weight 465 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 25 × 32 in

Power Type


Type Generator

Sound Shield



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