C75RBD4-F-1 Marine Refrigerator Vitrifrigo C75L – C75LA Classic

2.7 cu. ft. Refrigerator w/freezer compartment, Black, external unit, Adjustable flange, Airlock latch, 12/24V 115/230 VAC – 50/60Hz

The Sea Classic Series offer a complete range that can meet any space or capacity requirements. Ergonomic, silent, intuitive and safe, these units are able to guarantee the best cooling onboard: years of use on various types and sizes of boats have included these classic refrigerators and freezers. Models whose code end in “A” are equipped with a holding plate styled evaporator, which provides higher efficiencies and longer ‘Off’ time.

Marine Refrigerator Vitrifrigo C75L – C75LA

Technical Data:


Refrigerator compartment (Cu Ft)2.6
Freezer compartment (Cu Ft)0.4

Freezer internal size

Height (Inches)4.1
Width (Inches)15.4
Depth (Inches)9.8



Technical features (dc)

Power Voltage (V)12/24
Rated current (A)2.80/1.40
Nominal input (W)36.29
Absorption power (kW 24h )0.34
External cooling unit



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