DW250 BTX upper refrigerator compartment and lower freezer compartment


Designed to transform the drawer refrigerator into a stylish piece of furniture, they express a sober and sophisticated, able to interpret the unique personality of your boat. Available in configurations ranging from generous 10.6 Cu.Ft up to the smallest of only 1.2 Cu.Ft, and with the possibility of having refrigerator functions, freezer, and icemaker, with built-in or remote cooling unit. They are really pleased to satisfy any kind of need and location onboard. The special care in the choice of finishes of stainless steel  –  AISI  316  – make the product aesthetically pleasing, and can be integrated in any type of boat interior.

Part Number: DW250IXP4-EFV (Flush) / DW250IXP4-ESV (Surface).


Vitrifigo C180IXP4-EFV C180IXP4-EFV Vitrifigo C90IXD4-F for sale C180IXP4-EFV

Led Light

High intensity newLED
lighting system

Pin Lock

A simple and smart lock
for your door safety
(Surface Flange)

D Power (Standard)

Dual electronic box
12/24Vdc – 100-240Vac


Design and Technology into
a “top” lock (Flush Flange Only)

DW250IXN4-EFV Vitrifrigo DW250IXN4 DW250IXN4-ESV DW250IXN4 Vitrifrigo

Flush Flange

Total built-in flange. Now with
the new STEELOCK system

LED Thermostat

An elegant thermostat
for a perfect temperature setting

Surface Flange

Partial built-in with
horizontal stainless
steel handle

Stainless steel 316

Models of the drawer series
are made of stainless
steel 316

Technical Data:

Total volume (Cu. Ft.)


Upper compartment volume (Cu. Ft.)


Lower compartment volume (Cu. Ft.)


Net weight (Lbs.)


Upper Compartment Power supply

12/24Vdc – 100-240Vac 50/60Hz

Lower Compartment power supply

12/24Vdc – 100-240Vac 50/60Hz

Upper Compartment Nominal consumption

45 W (3.78A) – 12Vdc / 45 W (0.57A) – 115Vac

Lower Compartment Nominal consumption

40 W (3.18A) – 12Vdc / 40 W (0.51A) – 115Vac

Overall width (In.)

26 1/4

Overall height (In.)

52 3/8

Overall depth (In.)

23 3/8

Stainless steel drawer refrigerators-freezers DW series

The Stainless Steel Drawer Series has been completely updated in both design and function. The stylish new square edge door design with the Steelock positive latch handle has the added functionality of a vent position for air circulation during periods of non-use preventing mould or bad odours in the fridge. The single section, stainless steel fitting frame allows the fridge to be securely fixed either with the door flush or surface flange.

Features & Plus

Double Door Position

One single fitting frame for 2 versions: DOOR INSIDE (Flush Flange) and DOOR OUTSIDE (Surface Flange).

Steelock –

Design and technology into a “top” lock (Flush Flange only)

LED Thermostat

An elegant thermostat for a perfect temperature setting.

Vent Position

The new Steelock latch has a vent position for air circulation during periods of non-use.

Venting Frame

New hole system for better air circulation and cooling efficiency.


Multi purpose spacious and sturdy drawers.

Stainless steel 316

Models of the drawer series are made of stainless steel 316.

Led light

LED light for a perfect lighting in your fridge

D power (optional)

12/24Vdc – 100-240Vac 50/60Hz dual electronic control.


built-in dimension with Door Inside - Door Outside mounting flanges


Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 25.7 × 29.4 × 56 in
Total volume lt


Lower compartment volume lt


Upper compartment volume lt











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