Chine interceptors provide a unique means of maximizing pitch and roll motion control by utilizing the furthest outboard surfaces of the hull bottom for lift generation. As a rule, the lift effect of a chine interceptors matches the lift of a straight interceptor one size larger mounted inboard of the chine, making them the go-to choice when selecting interceptors.

A Kit Box includes all parts needed to install a Dynamic Trim Control System with one pair of fast-acting straight interceptors (2x interceptors with 3m cable and cable covers, 1 distribution unit with 4m power cable, 1 control panel with 7m standard cable, and 1 extension cable). Any base installation can be expanded with up to two extra pairs of Series S interceptors, thus allowing a total of six interceptors without any need for additional connectors or power supply.

Typically Ships In 11 days



  • Zipwake is a fully automatic and active trim control system
  • Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll
  • Automatically minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel
  • Built-in quality, simplicity and easy expansion, yet affordable
  • 5-10 times faster than conventional trim tabs
  • Built-in GPS, 3D-Gyro and 3D- Accelerometer.




Certifications & Compliance



10.80″(Width), 6.10″(Height), 26.80″(Length)

Max Boat Speed

60 knots

Blade Stroke

1.2″ (30mm)

Blade Rate

0.8 in/s (20 mm/s)

Thru-Hull Cable Fitting

Concealed or above waterline

Servo Actuator


Cable Material



M12 5-pin circular

Connector Diameter

0.57″ (14.5 mm)

Cable Length

10′ (3 m), extendable up to 20′ (6 m)



Power Consumption

25W max

Ingress Protection

IP68, 16′ (5 m)

Operating Temperature

+32° to +104°F (0° to +40°C)

Storage Temperature

-40° to +194°F (-40° to +90°C)

Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 26.80 × 10 × 12 in


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