Lifebuoy Rings

The Lifebuoy Rings are essential safety devices designed to provide peace of mind and save lives in aquatic environments. These highly visible and durable rings are specifically crafted to ensure maximum buoyancy and aid in water rescues.Constructed from high-quality materials, Lifebuoy Rings feature a tough outer shell that is resistant to wear and tear, making them reliable in even the most challenging conditions. The bright and vibrant color scheme, typically in orange or yellow, enhances visibility, allowing them to be easily spotted in emergencies.

Equipped with a secure and comfortable grip, these rings are designed for swift deployment and ease of use. They are lightweight, allowing both trained professionals and everyday individuals to throw them accurately and efficiently to a person in distress.

Product Documents

Approvals – SOLAS

Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS/MED 2.5Kg and 4kg, w/ retroreflective tape

Approvals – USCG

LALIZAS Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS/USCG, w/Reflect.Tape, Ø72cm, 2.5Kg
LALIZAS Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS/USCG, w/Reflect.Tape, Ø72cm, 4Kg


Brochure_Lifebuoy Ring
Compatibility of Lifebuoy Ring and Accessories


Installation Instructions for 70090 + 40212 + 72190
Instructions of Use LALIZAS Lifebuoy Rings


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