Our 12VDC Flexible LED Strip Tape is a linear strip of low power LEDs encased in a flexible, clear epoxy resin. The thin diameter and extremely low profile form factor allow it to be installed in areas too confined for traditional rope light products. Wide angle SMD LEDs placed every 2/3″ result in homogenous and even light distribution without shadows or gaps. For mounting ease, each section is supplied with 3M double sided tape already installed on the product. Each section comes with wire leads so your LED Strip Tape is ready to connect to your DC power source. Flexible LED Strip Tape may be cut to suit every 2″ (12V version) or every 4″ (24V version). Applications include cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, glass cabinets, wine racks, closets, etc.

Flexible LED Strip Tape, Standard Output, 24V Blue, 8' Length with Wire Leads, IP65

Note: This product performs optimally with constant voltage at or near the specified voltage input. It is sensitive to over-voltage and transient spikes, therefore long term performance is dependent on the input voltage provided.  For installation on boats, a power conditioner is recommended for maximum life of the product.

Features & Benefits:

  • Flat profile
  • Flexible clear epoxy cover
  • Wide angle SMD LEDs
  • Very low power consumption
  • Water resistant (IP65)
  • 3M double-sided tape (easy installation).

**Special Note for Households or Yachts with Line Voltage**

Our low voltage (12VDC or 24VDC) Flexible LED Strip Tape is designed for hard-wire DC hook-up (i.e., from DC power supply or battery source). If stepping down voltage from a 120/230V source, a standard low voltage AC transformer will damage the product. You must use a DC power supply or a voltage-regulated LED converter for this purpose.

**Installation Note**

For mounting ease, each section is supplied with 3M double sided tape already installed on the product. For additional security, the tape can be mechanically secured using our Flexible Mounting Straps.




Output Color



8′ (2.44m) x 0.33″ (8.47mm) x 0.12″ (2.77mm)

Power Consumption

1.25 watts/foot (4.1 watts/m)

Bulb Spacing

2/3″ (16.5mm)

Luminous Flux

128 lm/ft (420 lm/m)


4″ (100mm)

Maximum Run

32.8′ (10m)

Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)

Weight 1 lbs


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