The InterVOLT SPCi Maxi Series Gen II power conditioners is a cutting edge product known for resolving many of the issues associated with DC power in vehicles and vessels. They are in fact a converter, stabilizer, isolator and regulator all built into a single innovative package. These devices feature galvanic isolation with no common connectivity between the input and output via positive or negative conductors. This means peace-of-mind when connecting sensitive and often expensive, high-end electronic equipment to the output. Other benefits include elimination of line interference, greater protection, better regulation and improved performance.

Typically Ships In 4-8 weeks

The GEN II unit has digital over analogue topology which allows the installer/operator to control and monitor various functions and provides valuable feedback on the status of the connected load.

The GEN II units are  more compact due to multi-speed fan cooling and as a result no longer relies on convection for cooling.


  • Unique operator interface for control and monitoring
  • Galvanically isolated input to output – no common connectivity
  • Handy charge mode for charging an auxiliary battery (2 stage)
  • User adjustable output voltage from 12V to 14V (0.5V increments)
  • Diagnostic indicator: stand by mode, load on, short circuit, temperature
  • Remote operator control to turn unit on/off with signal current only
  • Multi function alarm output for fault and pre-emptive warnings
  • Temperature and speed controlled internal cooling fan (Vapo bearing)
  • Compact design and can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Heavy duty termination with separate, removable terminal cover
  • High quality assembly featuring marine grade hardware
  • Conformally coated printed circuit board assembly.




Housing Finish/Material

Anodized 6063 aluminum, ABS/PC , stainless steel hardaware

Certifications & Compliance

CE-EMC, ROHS, Australian C-Tick



Input Voltage

10.5-16VDC (down to 9V during operation)


9.10″ (230mm) x 1.17″ (110mm) x 2.17″ (55mm)


2 Years

Output voltage

12.0-14.0VDC (adjustable in 0.5V increments)

Ingress Protection


Load Rating

20A (continuous), Peak Load is 125%

Mounting Method

Screws (vertical or horizontal surface)

Max Operating Temperature

122° F (50° C)

Standby Current

85mA (nominal)


91% nominal (load dependent)

Install Location

Dry loaction, vertical or horizontal

Electrical Protections

Transients, overload/short circuit, over temperature, over voltgae, reverse polarity, and more…

Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9.10 × 1.17 × 2.17 in


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