Lumishore SMX154 EOS Full Color RGBW Color-Change 10/31V 7,000 Fixture 90Deg

Dive into a new realm of underwater illumination with the SMX154! Experience unrivaled control over your aquatic ambiance with vibrant full-color options. Emitting a stunning 7,000 lumens and boasting an expansive 90° beam angle, this lighting marvel transforms your underwater world. Seamlessly command your SMX154 lights straight from your compatible MFD or Lumishore Display, making customization a breeze. Thanks to Lumishore’s ingenious light discovery and auto-install feature, setting up your system is a breeze, slashing installation time. Versatile and adaptable, it’s perfect for any vessel, whether it’s a stepped hull, transom, or side-mounted application. Let your underwater lighting aspirations soar with the SMX154!

  • Lifetime Hours >50,000 hrs
  • Warranty 3 Years
  • Light Technology LED
  • Beam Angle 90°
  • Driver Multi-Channel Internal Driver
  • Approximate Ship Weight (lbs) 2


http://SMX 154 EOS Installation Manual.pdf


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