9,000 Btu Self Contained Marine Heat Pump 110-120V/60Hz – MSBA Petite

The MSBA Petite is the ideal marine heat pump for small watercrafts and cuddy cabins, offering a compact and efficient solution. As a low-profile version of our Integra units, the MSBA Petite features environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant and reverse-cycle technology, fitting seamlessly beneath a v-berth or within a storage area.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Compact Design: Specially designed for limited spaces on boats.
  • 360° Rotatable Blower: Allows for flexible and easy adjustment of air flow direction, enhancing the overall comfort aboard.
  • Robust Construction: Built with SS316 grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to marine environments.
  • Quiet Operation: Equipped with a compressor sound cover that minimizes noise, making it hard to notice when the unit is running.
  • Efficient Performance: High efficiency with low startup current, reducing energy consumption.
  • Smart Control: Comes with a D-Smart Control System for easy management of settings.
  • Environmental Consideration: Uses R410A refrigerant, less harmful to the environment.
  • Safety Features: Includes both high and low pressure cut-out switches to ensure safe operation.

Whether you’re looking to cool or heat your cabin, the MSBA Petite is a powerful yet discrete marine heat pump designed to improve your onboard experience.




V-Hz 110-120V/60Hz 208-230V/60Hz

Cooling Capacity

Btu 9000 9000

Heating Capacity

Btu 10000 10000

Max. input consumption

W 950 950

Running Current

W 7.5 3.75

Starting current

A 13.2 6

Water flow

GPH 225 225

Indoor air flow (Hi)

CFM 300 300

Noise level

dB(A) ≤42 ≤42

dimension (W*D*H)

in 22.6×14.7×13.7 22.6×14.7×13.7

Net weight

LBS 60 60

Refrigerant type

R410a R410a


9,000 Btu Self Contained Air conditioner and Heat pump 110-120V/60Hz





22.7 577


8.9 226


13.7 348


14.7 374


6 152


  • Each box containes:
  • 1) AC unit
  • 2) Stainless Steel Control Box
  • 3) LCD Wall controller
  • 4) 15 ft RJ11 interconnecting wire
  • 5) Wireless remote controller
  • 6) Wall Hanger for the wireless remote controller
  • 7) Instructions manual
  • 8) 4 pcs mounting brackets
  • 9) Chrome coated bezel
Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 16 in


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