Replacement OEM A/C Controls – Improved Micro-Air Marine Redesigns Q-logic 

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The Micro-Air MAQ board is a newly manufactured control board that is compatible in both size and function with the widely used Q-Logic cabin control for marine applications. The MAQ board is designed with superior components and offers better reliability compared to the original OEM board.


The MAQ board supports all the same displays and uses a straight-through 6-pin RJ-12 display cable and 3kohm thermistors, just like the Q-Logic cabin control. Before making a purchase, please note that the board measures 5.8” x 3.6” [14.7cm x 9.1cm] and features a seven-screw terminal electrical block and three 6-pin connectors on one end for display, inside, and outside temperature.


The board is compatible with Cruisair/Dometic Q-Logic control systems and replaces Dometic part number 701800004 control boards. Although the board operates identically to the original, it differs slightly. Therefore, please refer to our replacement reference document for installation details.



– Newly manufactured

– Compatible in size

– Identical in operation

– Superior to the original

Weight 15.0 lbs


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