MSBA Maxi, 24000 Btu Self-Contained Marine Air Conditioner

The Maxi is the latest addition to MarinAire®. The Maxi series are designed for larger areas like galleys, salon, and houseboats. At MarinAire, we offer only the newest technology to our consumers that no other marine air conditioners have. One of our many advancements includes a built-in pressure gauge, which makes it easier to monitor the air conditioner and diagnose how well it is operating. As a standard accessory, The Maxi comes with a good cover around the compressor compartment which reduces the noise level by 60%. This unique design makes it very easy to rotate the blower outlet 360 degrees. The blower can be turned in any position within seconds! Its unique construction consists of lightweight materials, which adds less weight to your boat, resulting in less fuel consumption and making it easier to maintain. The Maxi is made in the smallest possible size, allowing it to fit small enclosures. The metal parts and drain pan are made of SS316-grade stainless steel. As standard, The Maxi also comes with R410A refrigerant. The new refrigerant R410A is not only environmentally friendly, but it also provides higher heating and cooling efficiency for low energy consumption.


  • Built-in pressure gauges
  •  360º Rotatable blower
  • Ridged construction
  • SS316 stainless steel drain pan
  • Compressor sound cover
  • Lightweight
  • Very high efficiency
  • High air volume
  • Low start-up current
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High-pressure cut-out switch
  • Low-pressure cut-out switch
  • D-Smart Control System


  •  Illuminated LCD Displays
  •  Wired and wireless controls
  •  Automatic heat – cool changeover
  •  EEPROM Memory (remembers last settings)
  •  Auto-restart (in case of power interruption)
  •  Automatic pump cycling
  •  Humidity display
  •  Dehumidification function
  •  On/off timer
  •  1-speed fan
  •  Centigrade / Fahrenheit display
  •  Overheating protection
  •  Freeze protection
  •  Insufficient water flow protection
  •  Abnormal operation protection
  •  Low-pressure protection
  •  High-pressure protection

Real Humidity Control with Humidistat

A new microprocessor-controlled system allows users to set desired humidity levels in their cabins. Once the dehumidification mode is selected, its Hi-tech dual sensor on the returning air will sense both the cabin temperature and humidity level. The humidity level can be set to any percentage desired. (50%, 60%, 65% etc).

Dual Control

The Maxi units come with an LCD wall controller and a wireless remote controller for your convenience.

Sound Shield

The Maxi series come with a sound shield around the compressor compartment as a standard accessory. The sound shields reduce the noise level by 60%.

Built-in Pressure Gauges

The Maxi series are equipped with built-in high pressure and low-pressure gauges. Built-in pressure gauges make it easier to monitor the air conditioner. It’s also easier to diagnose the efficiency of operation. The gauges are installed in an angle that makes it readable horizontally and vertically.

360 Degree Rotatable Blower

The unique design makes it very easy to rotate the blower outlet. The blower can be turned at any angle within minutes.

Environmentally Friendly with new R410A Refrigerant

As standard, all the Maxi series come with R410A refrigerant pre-charged. The new refrigerant R410A is not only environmentally friendly, but it also provides higher heating and cooling efficiency for low energy consumption.

Easy Charging Port

Thanks to its 1/4″ NPT standard charging port, the Maxi series are the most accessible unit for refrigerant. There is no need to remove the unit or disassemble any part.

High Energy Efficiency

The Maxi units are engineered to have the most energy-efficient unit in the market. With low power consumption, it provides maximum cooling or heating capacity.


V-Hz 208-230V/50-60Hz 208-230V/50-60Hz
Cooling capacity Btu 20000 24000
Heating Capacity Btu 20000 24000
Max. input consumption W 1877 2450
Running Current A 6.7 8.5
Starting Current A 14.5 17
Water Flow GPH 500 500
Indoor air Flow (Hi) CFM 550 600
Noise Level dB(A) ≤46 ≤46
Dimension (W*D*H) in 27 x 19 x 17.6 27 x 19 x 17.6
Net Weight LBS 93 97
Refrigerant Type R410a R410a

Download MSBA Users & Installation Manual

Weight 97 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 19 × 17.6 in

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