Webasto BlueCool S-Series

Self-contained air conditioners are suitable for boats with up to three cabins. The range is designed in a compact way. For a solid and highly functional base, they are mounted on extra-deep, thermally insulated, stainless steel trays. All units are expoxy-painted for durable corrosion protection. Highly efficient compressors allow extremely low power consumption. Additionally, a multi-point injection evaporator offers higher unit efficiency. The installation of a self-contained unit is very simple. Each cabin has its own self-contained unit providing cool air to the cabin. Generated heat is transferred to the sea via the sea water circuit. The control unit is located in the same cabin as the air conditioner.

Self-contained Air Conditioners:

  • Stand alone unit
  • Heating via reverse cycle integrated
  • Extremely compact
  • All components on one tray
  • Seven sizes available
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Including electronics, blower and controls

The new BlueCool S-Series:

  • High efficiency using R410a refrigerant
  • Continuous operation even under
  • tropical conditions
  • Compact
  • New electronics with USB diagnosis
  • Quiet operation
  • Robust design
  • MyTouch display

Installation example

Webasto BlueCool S-Series

Technical specifications:

Webasto BlueCool S-Series

Part Number

2510139B S6-R-115V-REV-R410A
2510140B S8-R-115V-REV-R410A
2510141B S10-R-115V-REV-R410A
2510142B S13-R-115V-REV-R410A
2510143B S16-R-115V-REV-R410A
WBCL120000B Blue Cool S S6 -R-230V-REV-R410a
WBCL120001E Blue Cool S S8 -R-230V-REV-R410a
WBCL120002E Blue Cool S10 -R-230V-REV -R410a
WBCL120003E Blue Cool S13 -R-230V-REV -R410a
WBCL120004F Blue Cool S16 -R-230V-REV -R410a
WBCL120005E Blue Cool S20 -R-230V-REV -R410a
WBCL120006F Blue Cool S27-R-230V-REV-R410a

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