OEM Keypad Display SMX II AB (Brand New). Cruisair / Dometic SMX II AB keypad display is compatible. This is a brand new board that has been created and constructed from the ground up. Original Cruisair/Dometic power (logic) boards are fully compatible. Gas units that are self-contained or split.

Part Number: ASY-423-X00 / SMXII AB

Fits the SMX II (2) Control of Cruisair / Dometic and Micro Air

  • This is a brand new board that has been created and constructed from the ground up.
  • Original Dometic / Cruisair power (logic) boards are fully compatible.
  • With a Molex connection on either end, it directly substitutes the popular SMX 2 AB maritime A/C keypad display 4-conductor cable.
  • Both Direct Expansion DX and TW Chiller System variants are available.
  • Identical to the original Dometic SMX II Keypad in terms of functioning and wall cutout compatibility

The soft-touch membrane switches of the SMX II AB display are protected by a noncorrosive ABS cover. All of the keys are well labelled, which makes operating a breeze. The wide, easy-to-read digital display displays the set-point temperature or cabin temperature, as well as information on operational parameters and fault code alerts, among other things. Small LEDs are utilised to signal the state of the system.

In order for the system to function normally, it is simply essential to switch it on and pick the appropriate set-point. The customer has the option of selecting just cooling, solely heating, or automated switching between cooling and heating. The fan speed is adjusted automatically, although it may also be changed manually. It is possible to modify factory settings using user-programmable instructions, allowing the boat owner to fine-tune the system to suit his or her own tastes. When you press a certain sequence of keys, you will be taken into programming mode.

Features that can be programmed Among the features are A/C line voltage calibration, temperature calibration, compressor restart time delay, continuous or intermittent fan operation, low and high fan speed adjustment and compressor response difference. Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature displays are also available. When the power is turned off, the system’s nonvolatile memory keeps all of the settings that have been preset by the user.

*Please keep in mind that the TW model does not have any screen printing on the button overlay.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in
Display Model



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