DX applications may benefit from a replacement SMXir Control Display/Keypad.

The SMXir display/keypad is housed in a clever, condensed enclosure that is simple to install on a flat surface. Large, easy-to-read LEDs provide information on cabin temperature, set point, programming prompts, and fault code alerts, while tiny LEDs and backlit text show the state of the whole system. The traditional 10-button configuration with clearly labelled keys for single-keystroke operation is hidden behind an elegant hinged door. The design is simple and straightforward.

A remote control using infrared technology is available as an option, allowing system modifications to be done from a distance. The SMXir display/keypad is specifically built for use in a maritime environment, and it has a plastic enclosure, a sealed membrane keypad, and electronics that have been treated with an anti-corrosion coating.

Housings are only available in black and have a 3/4 coverage door as standard.

This display is a direct replacement for the Cruisair SMXir display that was previously used in SMX II systems. With the purchase, you will get the keypad with integrated electronics as well as a 3/4-door cover. Cruisair SMX II systems, including the A-288, A-281, and A-282 controllers, are compatible with this system.

It is also possible to get an A-288D replacement control board for the older A-288C, A-288T, A-288D, and SMXII HV models. The A-288D board replaces the A-288C board, which had an old manufacturer’s part number of 42404 and a new manufacturer’s part number of 722300288.


  • In the colour black,
  • DX Operation
  • 3/4 Door is available.


  • Replacement control display for the Cruisair® SMXir keypad that is completely compatible.
  • This power/logic board is backwards compatible with the A-281 (SMX Online) and A-288 (SMXII) power/logic boards.
  • Application power/logic board applications powered by 100-240VAC/50-60Hz are supported.
Weight 10 lbs


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