Upgrade Your Marine Climate Control with the SMXIR Thermostat Display/Keypad

Upgrade your marine air conditioning system with the advanced SMXIR Thermostat Control Display/Keypad, an essential tool for DX applications seeking a high-quality replacement. This device seamlessly integrates with existing systems to provide a modern, efficient control interface.

Advanced Display and Keypad Features

The SMXIR Thermostat display/keypad offers a compact, easy-to-install design perfect for any marine environment. Enclosed in a durable, plastic housing with a sleek 3/4 door, the interface features large, easy-to-read LEDs that indicate cabin temperature, set points, and system statuses. Additional LEDs and backlit text provide clear visibility of programming prompts and fault code alerts, ensuring you always have complete control over your climate settings.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, the SMXIR Thermostat boasts a classic 10-button layout concealed behind an elegant hinged door. Each button is clearly labeled for single-stroke operation, making adjustments straightforward and hassle-free. This intuitive design allows for quick changes and easy troubleshooting, enhancing the user experience aboard your vessel.

Optional Remote Control: Enhance your convenience with the optional remote control utilizing infrared technology. This feature allows you to adjust your system settings remotely, adding an extra layer of comfort and flexibility. Whether you’re adjusting the temperature from your bed or the helm, the SMXIR Thermostat makes it simple to maintain the perfect onboard atmosphere.

Built for the Marine Environment: The SMXIR Thermostat is specially engineered for durability in maritime conditions. Its sealed membrane keypad and corrosion-resistant coated electronics ensure long-lasting reliability and performance, even in the challenging marine environment.

Compatibility and Replacement: This display is a direct replacement for the older Cruisair SMXir displays used in SMX II systems, ensuring seamless integration. With each purchase, you receive the keypad with integrated electronics and a standard 3/4-door cover. The unit is compatible with various Cruisair SMX II systems, including the A-288, A-281, and A-282 controllers.

Additional Upgrades: For systems requiring further modernization, an A-288D replacement control board is available for older models like the A-288C, A-288T, A-288D, and SMXII HV. This upgrade ensures continued compatibility and enhanced performance, keeping your system up-to-date with the latest in climate control technology.


  • Color: Available exclusively in black
  • Operation Type: DX
  • Door Coverage: Standard 3/4 door


  • Fully Compatible Replacement: Acts as a complete replacement for the original Cruisair® SMXir keypad.
  • Backwards Compatibility: Works seamlessly with A-281 (SMX Online) and A-288 (SMXII) power/logic boards.
  • Versatile Power Requirements: Supports application power/logic board applications powered by 100-240VAC/50-60Hz.

The SMXIR Thermostat Control Display/Keypad elevates your marine air conditioning system, combining durability, ease of use, and advanced technology to deliver superior climate control. Upgrade today and experience the difference in comfort and convenience on your vessel.

Weight 10 lbs


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