BlueCool C-Series

Air Conditioning Chiller System

A chiller system is appropriate for yachts that have many cabins. The use of a central chiller system is recommended if three or more separate regions aboard a boat need to be air-conditioned. The chiller unit is normally located in the engine room, and it is responsible for supplying chilled water/ glycol to all cabins via the chilled water distribution system. Each cabin is equipped with one or more air handlers, which provide the necessary cooling capacity for the rooms inside the cabin. In addition to having a single control panel for the unit itself, the system also has individual panels for each cabin. Vibration dampers and soft start devices are available as options, allowing for even more application customization.


The new BlueCool C-Series:

  • BlueCool Expert Tool – allows remote access to core systems operations, parameter settings and troubleshooting diagnostics from anywhere in the world with USB cable and Wi-Fi signal
  • Improved performance and up to 15% higher efficiency
  • Continuous cooling capacity even in tropical conditions
  • Improved footprint size for ease of installation
  • Feature rich electronics for easy system control with unique adaptive hardware for potential add-ons and diagnosis via USB cable
  • Optional CAN-Bus for optimized adaptation to boat systems
  • Compressor noise is reduced by up to 25%
  • Easy sea water and chilled water connections at one side
  • Strong stainless steel tray and condensate drain
  • Cooling and heating via reverse cycle function as a standard
  • High quality epoxy paint protection
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 stage systems for variable load demands

BlueCool C-Series installation example

Technical Specifications:

Order numbers  WBCL1205001
Cooling capacity* (BTU/h)   16,000
Cooling capacity* (kW)  4.7
Heating via reverse cycle integrated  yes
Voltage (V)  230
Frequency ++ (Hz)   50/60
Current draw running** (A)   4.4 – 6.0
Current draw Start max. peak (A) 50 Hz  54
Current draw RMS40**** (A) 50 Hz  35
Current draw RMS300*** (A) 50 Hz  19
Current draw Start max. peak with Soft Start (A)  22
Current draw RMS40**** with Soft Start (A) 50 Hz  12
Current draw RMS300 with Soft Start (A) 50 Hz  9
Locked Rotor Amperage LRA (A) (comp. only)  37
Max. circuit breaker (A)  16
Chilled water connection (mm)

Chilled water connection (inch)



Minimal chilled water flow (l/min.)  13
Recommended chilled water pump  WB500
Seawater connection (mm)

Seawater connection (inch)



Minimal seawater flow at 50 Hz (l/min.)  14
Minimal seawater flow at 60 Hz (l/min.)  17
Recommended seawater pump  WB500/ WB500G
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

Dimensions L x W x H (inch)

 390 x 290 x 355

15.4 x 11.4 x 14.0

Weight (kg)  34
Min. sea water temp. Heating (°C)  6
Max. sea water temp. Cooling (°C)  35


dimensions C16

dimensions C16

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 30 in


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