Webasto SmarTemp Control 2.0

Precision Cabin Temperature Management

Introducing the new and enhanced Webasto Smartemp Control 2.0, part number 5010624C, specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of your Air Top 2000 STC heater. This state-of-the-art controller brings a new level of precision and convenience to your heating system with a range of user-friendly features:

  • Temperature Selector Dial: This intuitive control allows you to easily adjust the heater’s output to your precise comfort level.
  • 24-Hour Programmable Start Time: Plan ahead with the ability to set your heater to start at any time within a 24-hour period, ensuring your space is warm when you need it.
  • Dual Temperature Displays: The Smartemp Control 2.0 shows both the set temperature and the current ambient temperature, allowing you to monitor your environment’s comfort level accurately.
  • Password-Protected Settings: Secure your settings with a password feature, preventing unauthorized adjustments and maintaining your ideal temperature settings.
  • Adjustable Low Voltage Disconnect: This crucial feature protects your vehicle’s battery, automatically shutting off the heater to prevent battery drain.

With these enhanced capabilities, the Webasto Smartemp Control 2.0 ensures that your heating experience is not only comfortable and tailored to your needs but also safe and energy-efficient. It’s the perfect upgrade for those seeking advanced control and reliability in their heating systems.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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