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CSD Condensing Unit (DIGITAL) R417A Dometic Marine Condensing Unit

CSD Condensing Unit 6000 to 48000 BTU with Passport I/O Control

The CS series of condensing units for boats provides heating and cooling in a highly efficient package. The hermetically sealed, high-efficiency compressor reduces amp draw while pressure switches, thermal-overload, and start components provide constant system protection and proper operation. In addition, the expansion device and check-valve assemblies control load balancing during operation. The copper-encased cupronickel condenser coils are highly resistant to corrosion caused by continuous seawater flow. The symmetrical base design provides optimum space efficiency and installation flexibility for easy handling and positioning of the unit. A built-in hose barb aids in complete condensate removal from the drain pan. Two sets of vibration isolators ensure quiet operation. The electrical box can be mounted remotely. It has a moisture-resistant design with a corrosionresistant enclosure. CS Digital (CSD) units include the Passport I/O circuit board. As with all Marine Air products, quality is assured. Each unit is pre-charged, test-run in all operating modes, and leak-checked at the factory prior to shipping. All surface components are constructed of or coated with materials resistant to fire and corrosion. Charge Guard® protection provides sealed access ports that ensure environmental protection and system integrity. All CS condensing units meet or exceed applicable ABYC and US Coast Guard regulations, CE directives, and general Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry (ARI) standards.

High-efficiency condensers
Valves and switches provide load balancing and constant system protection
Symetrical base for installation flexibility and ease of handling
Electrical box can be mounted remotely
Charged, tested, and leak checked at the factory
Meets or exceeds all applicable standards and regulation



Capacity (BTU/h) 6000 / 9000 / 12000 / 24000 / 30000 / 36000 / 48000
Voltage (V) 115 / 220 / 240
Cycle (Hz) 50 / 60
Phase (Ph) 1
Full Load Amps (FLA) Cool (A) 22.3
Full Load Amps (FLA) Heat (A) 24.8
Locked Rotor Amps (LRA) (A) 132.2
Refrigerant Type 417A
Component Type Condensing Units
Brand Marine Air Dometic

CSD Condensing Unit (6-48K), R417A 

206411100  CSD6UK/1 417A 115V 60HZ
206411200  CSD9UK 417A 115V 60HZ
206411300  CSD12UK/1 417A 115V 60HZ
206411400  CSD16UK/1 417A 115V 60HZ
201411100  CSD6UKZ/1 417A 230V 60HZ
201411200  CSD9UKZ/1 417A 230V 60HZ
201411300  CSD12UKZ/1 417A 230V 60HZ
201411400  CSD16UKZ/1 417A 230V 60HZ
201411500  CSD24URZ/1 417A 230V 60HZ
201411600  CSD30URZ/1 417A 230V 60HZ
201411700  CSD36URZ/1-417A 230V 60HZ
201411800  CSD48URZ/1-417A 230V 60HZ
201411150  CSD6UKZ50/1-417A 220V 50HZ
201411250  CSD9UKZ50/1-417A 220V 50HZ
201411350  CSD12UKZ50/1 417A 220V 50HZ
201411450  CSD16UKZ50/1 417A 220V 50HZ
201411550  CSD24URZ50/1 417A 220V 50HZ
201411650  CSD30URZ50/1 417A 220V 50HZ
201411750  CSD36URZ50/1-417A 220V 50HZ
201411850  CSD48URZ50/1-417A 220V 50HZ

logo pdfCSD Series (6k-16k) Btus Specifications

logo pdfCDD Series (24k-60k) Btus Specifications

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Weight150 lbs
Dimensions25 × 18 × 19 in


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