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CWMC-OTS Electric Boxes Marine Air Dometic

1. Box dimensions: Standard is 14″Hx12″Wx4.7″D, add 1 or 2 pumps and dimensions are 11″Hx15″Wx4.7″D.

2. Need to specify 3 phase pump volts & amps and/or horsepower when ordering 3 phase boxes.

3. 380-460VAC power supplied

For Precise Staged Chiller Monitoring & Coordination

The Chilled Water Master Controller (CWMC) is a microprocessor-based controller designed for the precise monitoring and coordination of Digital Diagnostic Controllers (DDCs) for multiple chilled water systems on a boat. The control unit provides central control for up to six chillers via interfaces with the individual DDC on each chiller. It controls all of the heating and cooling functions for each chiller, as well as operation of the seawater and chilled water pumps. It optimizes compressor operation by automatically changing the lead compressor to evenly distribute run time.

The two-line lit LCD display provides a scrolling read-out of system status including inlet and outlet water temperature of each stage, mixed outlet water temperature of the system, compressor run times, and diagnostic faults including refrigerant high and low pressure, flow switch, low voltage, freeze warning, and high water temperature limit. It also interfaces with a PC via a serial port permitting remote control and monitoring.

Key benefits

  • Provides central control for chillers with up to six stages
  • Optimizes compressor operation
  • Displays water temperatures, compressor run times, diagnostic faults, and more
  • Interfaces with a PC via serial port for remote control and monitoring (PC sold separately)
  • Circuit board is coated for high resistance to damage and corrosion
  • Grounded and protected against static interference and RF noise
  • Meets or exceeds applicable ABYC, US Coast Guard regulations, and CE directives
Weight6 lbs
Dimensions13 × 13 × 5 in


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