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Display Marine Air Passport I/O Dometic

Marine Air Systems # 222000200 / 222000201 / 222000220 / 222000221 / 222000226


Marine Air Passport I/O Displays
Direct Replacement: 222000200 Display w/Bezel Compact Passport I/O Black DX & CW
for: 222000220 Display without Bezel Compact Passport I/O Black DX

Direct Replacement: 222000201 Display w/Bezel Compact Passport I/O White DX & CW
for: 22000221  Display without Bezel Compact Passport I/O White DX
Dometic EnviroCool/EnviroComfort Display
222000226 Display Only Dometic I/O Black – used w/EnviroCool/Comfort

The Passport I/O Environmental Control Unit is a microprocessor based controller, designed for the precise control and monitoring of direct expansion and chilled water boat air conditioning systems from Marine Air. The control is dual voltage, operating at both 115 and 230 Volts, 50/60 Hz. The display is available in both black and white. In chilled water air handlers, the control is referred to as AH-Passport I/O.

The assembly has a ground shield to protect against static interference and RF noise. The circuit board is conformally coated to provide high resistance to external damage or corrosion. Non-volatile memory stores all user-selectable parameters indefinitely during operation or any power failure situations.

Key benefits

  • Automatic humidity control reduces moisture when the boat is unattended
  • Cool-only, heat-only, dehumidy, and automatic mode selection
  • New optional electric-heat relay
  • Automatic or manual fan-speed selection
  • Cycle fan with compressor or continuous fan operation
  • Calibration of fan-speed settings and temp display for precise control
  • Controls shaded pole and split capacitor fan motors
  • Compressor fail-safe protection
  • Programmable de-icing cycle
  • Built-in air sensor
  • Optional remote air sensor
  • Dimmable display
  • Low voltage for optimum safety

logo pdfPassport I/O Controls Specs

logo pdfPassport I/O Controls Manual



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