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Mechanical Control SA3 ZB10-ZCB10 3-Knob Switch Black Cruisair

Mechanical Control SA3 ZB10-ZCB10 Cruisair

SA3-ZB10 3-Knob Variable-Speed Mechanical Control

Reliable Control Over Basic Air Conditioner Functions

Electro-mechanical rotary-knob switch assemblies provide conventional control over basic air conditioning functions. Both 115V and 230V switches are available. The standard design is an aluminum plate covered with a modern black plastic overlay with text and graphical representations of the various functions. Many different configurations are available:

Standard three-knob assemblies provide function selection (OFF-FAN-RUN), fan speed control, and a room thermostat with 10 ft. (3 m) capillary tube. For chilled water systems, a special thermostat on the air handler allows automatic changeover between heating and cooling modes.

Switches are also available for use with auxiliary heat modules, but an HRX type heat relay may be needed in certain cases.

Direct Replacements for the following part numbers:

115v : 222000600, 222110030, 222110033, 763100047, 763100090; 763100045; 763100055; 763100075;

230v: 222000601, 223110054; 223110055; 763100046; 763100069; 223110090; 763100068; 763100073


763100045 SA3-ZB10, 3-Knob Switch, Black, 10′ Cap Tube, 115V
763100073 SA3-ZCB10, 3-Knob Switch, Black, 10′ Cap Tube, 230V

115V and 230V models
For use with variable or two-speed blowers
Auxiliary heat controls available
Two wiring connections available: Color-coded terminal strip and six-pin plug
Black plates with modern graphics
Vertical and horizontal configurations

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 3 in

Unit Model


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