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Marine Air TWCV Chillers with SmartStart Compact Tempering Unit Cruisair

The Marine Air Cruisair’s TWC Compact is a high-performance, cost effective tempering unit. The reverse cycle TWC cools and heats, and is available in an expanded product range of 24,000 (2-ton) to 72,000 (6-ton) BTU/hr capacities. The three new models include 48,000 (4-ton), 60,000 (5-ton), and 72,000 (6-ton) BTU/hr units. Units can be multiplexed for even larger capacities as required.

Each unit includes a chilled water (CW) flow switch, refrigerant high- and lowrefrigerant pressure switches, and inlet and outlet CW temperature sensors. The TWC does not include a chilled water modulating flow control, which means air handlers with or without flow controls can be used.* The brazed platecoil evaporator and coaxial cupronickel seawater condenser allow for superior cooling and heating performance.

On 2- to 3-ton units, an electrical box mounted on top of the chiller houses the control board as well as starting components, and can be mounted remotely up to 6 ft. (1.8m) away. On 4- to 6-ton units, the electric box is normally contained within the enclosure and does not contribute to height. A remote electric box is available upon request for 4- to 6-ton units.

Two control systems are available. The standard control is our proven Digital Diagnostic Control (DDC) that provides simple, single-stage operation. For multiplexed systems, the Tempered Water Logic Control (TWLC) with LCD screen is available. Depending on the configuration, additional cables, switches, sensors, or a display may be required.

All TWC chillers come with R-410A, the preferred environmentally safe refrigerant used in modern, high-efficiency air conditioning systems.


TWCX Chillers with DDC control panel and SmartStart

260111459 TWCX30 2361 DDC 410A SmartStart 260111359 TWCV30C-DDC, 2361 SmartStart
260111463 TWCX36 2361 DDC 410A SmartStart 260111363 TWCV36C-DDC, 2361 SmartStart
260111443 TWCX48 2361 DDC 410A SmartStart 260111343 TWCV48C-DDC, 2361 SmartStart
260111461 TWCX30 2251 DDC 410A SmartStart 260111361 TWCV30CK-DDC 2251 SmartStart
260111460 TWCX36 2251 DDC 410A SmartStart 260111360 TWCV36CK-DDC 2251 SmartStart
260111418 TWCX48 2251 DDC 410A SmartStart 260111318 TWCV48CK-DDC, 2251 SmartStart

TWCX Chillers with TWLC control panel and SmartStart
260111440 TWCX48 2361 TWLC 410A SmartStart 260111340 TWCV48C TWLC, 2361 SmartStart
260111436 TWCX60 2361 TWLC 410A SmartStart 260111336 TWCV60C-TWLC, 2361 SmartStart
260111419 TWCX48 2251 TWLC 410A SmartStart 260111319 TWCV48CK-TWLC, 2251 SmartStart

Weight190 lbs

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