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Marine Air Conditioner Dometic Emerald Condensing Unit R410A

The DEU units are direct replacements for all ED and EQ units.

The Marine Air Conditioning Emerald Dometic Condensing Series  with air handler has a compact modular design. For maximum efficiency, the plenum chambers are increased and the coils have enhanced fins and rifled tubing.

The centrifugal blowers are quiet and efficient with fully insulated housings. For installation flexibility, the blower rotates to horizontal or vertical positions.

Thermoplastic mounting rings enable easy installation of ducting or transition boxes. The condensate drain pan includes two 1/2″ FPT drain hook-ups, and is insulated to prevent sweating.


  • Models available in 6K, 8K, 10K, 12k and 16k, BTU/hr (115V and 230V), as well as 24k, 30k, 36k 48k and 60K BTU and 24K BTU/hr (230V and 240V).
  • Compact modular design with increased efficiency.
  • Easy disassembly for component access.
  • Quiet, efficient blowers rotate to vertical or horizontal positions.
  • Insulated drain pan prevents sweating and includes two ½” FPT drain hook-ups.
  • Factory pre-charged, tested, and leak-checked prior to shipping.
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable standards and regulations.
New SKU: 201151123 DEU12 220V 50Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712212301 ED12-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201151163 DEU16 220V 50Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712216301 ED16-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201151243 DEU16 220V 50Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712224301 ED24-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201151303 DEU16 220V 50Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712230301 ED30-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201151303 DEU16 220V 50Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712230301 ED30-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201151363 DEU36 220V 50Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712236301 ED36-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201151483 DEU48 220V 50Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712248302 ED48-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201152483 DEU24 230V 60Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712248203 ED48-410 230V/60 – 712148201 EQ48-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201152363 DEU36 230V 60Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712236201 ED36U-410 230V/60 – 712136201 EQ36U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201152303 DEU30 230V 60Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712230201 ED30U-410 230V/60 – 712130202 EQ30U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201152243 DEU24 230V 60Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712224201 ED24U-410 230V/60 – 712124203 EQ24-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201152163 DEU16 230V 60Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712216203 ED16U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201152123 DEU12 230V 60Hz SMRTSTRT Old SKU: 712212202 ED12U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201150060 Old SKU: 712206100 ED6U-410 115V – 712106100 EQ6U-410 115V
New SKU: 201152060 Old SKU: 712206200 ED6-410 230V – 712106200 EQ6U-410 230V
New SKU: 201151060 Old SKU: 712206300 ED6-410 220V/50 – 712106300 EQ6-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201150080 Old SKU: 712208100 ED8U-410 115V/60 – 712108100 EQ8U-410 115V/60
New SKU: 201152080 Old SKU: 712208200 ED8U-410 230V/60 – 712108200 EQ8U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201151080 Old SKU: 712208300 ED8-410 220V/50 – 712108300 EQ8-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201150100 Old SKU: 712210100 ED10U-410 115V/60 – 712110100 EQ10U-410 115V/60
New SKU: 201150100 DEU10 230V 60Hz Old SKU: 712210200 ED10U-410 230V/60 – 712110200 EQ10U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201151100 DEU10 220V 50Hz Old SKU: 712210300 ED10-410 220V/50 – 712110300 EQ10-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201150120 DEU12 115V 60Hz Old SKU: 712212100 ED12U-410 115V/60 – 712112100 EQ12U-410 115V/60
New SKU: 201152120 DEU12 230V 60Hz Old SKU: 712212200 ED12U-410 230V/60 – 712112200 EQ12U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201151120 DEU12 220V 50Hz Old SKU: 712212300 ED12-410 220V/50 – 712112300 EQ12-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201150160 DEU16 115V 60Hz Old SKU: 712216100 ED16U-410 115V/60 – 712116100 EQ16U-410 115V/60
New SKU: 201152160 DEU16 230V 60Hz Old SKU: 712216200 ED16U-410 230V/60 – 712116200 EQ16U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201151160 DEU16 220V 50Hz Old SKU: 712216300 ED16-410 220V/50 – 712116300 EQ16-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201152240 DEU24 230V 60Hz Old SKU: 712224200 ED24U-410 230V/60 – 712124200 EQ24U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201151240 DEU24 220V 50Hz Old SKU: 712224300 ED24U-410 220V/50 – 712124300 EQ24U-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201152300 DEU30 230V 60Hz Old SKU: 712230200 ED30U-410 230V/60 – 712130200 EQ30U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201151300 DEU30 220V 50Hz Old SKU: 712230200 ED30-410 220V/50 – 712130200 EQ30-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201152360 DEU36 230V 60Hz Old SKU: 712236200 ED36U-410 230V/60 – 712136200 EQ36U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201151360 DEU36 220V 50Hz Old SKU: 712236300 ED36-410 220V/50 – 712136300 EQ36-410 220V/50
New SKU: 201152480 DEU48 230V 60Hz Old SKU: 712248200 ED48U-410 230V/60 – 712148200 EQ48U-410 230V/60
New SKU: 201151480 DEU48 220V 50Hz Old SKU: 712248300 ED48-410 220V/50 – 712148300 EQ48-410 220V/50

logo pdfReplacements for all Emerald ED and EQ units

logo pdfEmerald Series (6k-16k) Btus Specifications

logo pdfEmerald Series (24k-60k) Btus Specifications

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Weight149 lbs
Dimensions25 × 15 × 16 in


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