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Marine Air Handlers ATV Vertical Draw-Through with HV Blowers

Improved Design for Better Performance

The Marine Air Conditioner ATV-HV chilled water air handlers 6000BTU, 9000BTU, 12000BTU, 24000BTU, were designed for applications where very little depth is available. Showcasing a unique vertical layout, these air handlers have the coil low and the blower above.

Featuring a slim profile, ATV-HV air handlers make previously unusable areas suitable for installation. With a depth of only 9.4 in. (240 mm), these units can be hidden in side areas instead of in places above or below, where most air handlers are installed.


261301086 ATV6HV-SQ R180 5″MR 115V
261301083 ATV9HV-SQ-R90 6″MR 115V
261301082 ATV9HV-SQ-L90 6″MR 115V
261301087 ATV9HV-SQ-R180 6″MR 115V
261300554 ATV12HV-SQ L90 6″MR 115V
261301085 ATV12HV-SQ R90 6″MR 115V
261301134 ATV18HV-SQ-L90 7″MR 115V
261301133 ATV24HV-SQ-R90 8″MR 115V
261301080 ATV24HV-4P-LP-L90H 8″MR 115V

261301154 ATV6HVZ-SQ 5″MR 230V
261300567 ATV9HVZ-SQ-L90 6″MR 230V
261300577 ATV9HVZ-SQ-R90 6″MR 230V
261300552 ATV12HVZ-SQ-FC-L90 6″MR 230V
261301207 ATV12HVZ-SQ-FC-R90 6″MR 230V
261300565 ATV12HVZ-SQ-L90 6″MR 230V
261300576 ATV12HVZ-SQ-R90 6″MR 230V
261300542 ATV18HVZ-LP-L90 7″MR 230V
261300575 ATV18HVZ-LP-R90 7″MR 230V
261301034 ATV18HVZ-LP-FC-L90 2X1.0KW 7MR
261300572 ATV24HVZ-LP L90 8″MR 230V
261301165 ATV24HVZ-LP-R90 8″MR 230V
261300566 ATV24HVZ-LP-36C-R90 8″MR 230V
261301184 ATV24HVZ-LP-1.5KW L90 8″MR 230
261301201 ATV24HVZ-LP-1.5KW R90 8″MR 230
261301073 ATV24HVZ-LP-2X1.5KW L90 8″MR

Key benefits

  • Unique vertical design results in dramatically reduced depth
  • Fits into walls and other tight spaces
  • Exposed components are insulated against secondary condensation
  • High-velocity (HV) blower with internal motor to reduce depth
  • Low-profile models (ATV*DC-LP) have a reduced height for tight installation spaces
  • Square models (ATV*HV-SQ) allow 90° of blower rotation in the field
  • Electrical box can be remotely mounted up to 5 ft. (1.52 m)
  • Drain pan has anti-slosh, anti-fungal foam lining
  • Optional flow control automatically balances circulated water throughout the system
  • Optional electric heat
  • Optional Breathe Easy™ microparticle air filter
Weight70 lbs
Dimensions35 × 25 × 23 in

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Right or Left

right 90º, left 90º, right 180º, none


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