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Marine Air Conditioning ECD Dometic 6,000 BTU 115V with Display

EnviroComfort by Dometic self contained units offers cooling or heating in 6,000, 10,000 and 16,000 BTU/hr capabilities, ECD Kits include all gears for a complete marine A/C system, perfect sizing to fit your boat needs and comes with one year warranty.

ECD models have high-velocity blowers with inside motors for an extra compact installation footmark. The blower is routable to horizontal or vertical position For easier connection to the duct. EnviroComfort units are fabricated on a way that are extremely easy to plumb using a stainless-steel drain pan, and the pre-installed return-air filter is detachable for cleaning.

ECD6K units are controlled by a small digital control/display (included) model Passport I/O that features a green LED and large buttons easy to use. For additional installation suitability, the plastic electrical box can be installed remotely.

ECD6K-HV kits are perfect for replacing a current air conditioning system or for a complete new marine air conditioning installation. The Retrofit Kit includes the ECD self-contained air conditioning unit and digital control passport I/O with bezel and is intended to replace an older self-contained air conditioner of comparable capacity. The ECD6K is suitable for a 5,000 to 7,000 BTU/hr unit; the ECD10K will replace an 8,000 to 11,000 BTU/hr unit; and the ECD16K will supersede a 12,000 to 16,000 BTU/hr unit.

Capacity (BTU/h): 6,000
Voltage (V): 115V
Refrigerant Type: 410A

Weight 38.0 lbs.    (17.3 kg)
Length 9.0 in.    (229 mm)
Width 16.0 in.    (407 mm)
Height 11.25 in.    (286 mm)

logo pdfDometic EnviroComfort Specifications

Dometic formerly Cruisair and Marine Air System DTU6 and DTU8 are still available Contact us to get a quote.

Direct replacement for Cruisair STQ10, STQ12, STX10, STX12, Marine air System VT10, VT12, VTD10, VTD12, VTM10, VTM12, VCD10K, VCD12K, VCM10K and VCM12K
Dometic Part NumberNew DescriptionReplace Cruisair & Marine Air part numberOld Description
205160060DTU6 115V 60HZ 410A205561250
STQ6-410A 115V 60HZ ONLY
STX6-410A 115V 60HZ ONLY
VTD6K-410A 115V 60HZ ONLY
205160080DTU8 115V 60HZ 410A205561350
STQ8-410A 115V 60HZ ONLY
STX8-410A 115V 60HZ ONLY
VTD8K-410A 115V 60HZ ONLY

dimensions ecd envirocomfortinstallation diagram ecd


Weight55 lbs
Dimensions31 × 19 × 19 in





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Heat Pump, With Heater, With Remote, With Sleep Mode



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