Dolphin Battery Chargers‎ 12V 25A Dolphin Premium 110Vac 220V 3 out

Dolphin Premium Battery Charger 12V 25A

The Dolphin Premium range of battery chargers where released in 2010 to offer the latest in digitally managed battery charging. With a RISC based microprocessor controlling the charge cycle for 4 types of battery, the Dolphin range are able to re-invigorate an almost dead battery, rapidly charge and then maintain a batteries condition irrespective of its use pattern.

All models share the majority of the features. The smaller 10A and 15A models are 116mm shorter, but otherwise physically identical to the larger models. The larger 25A and 40A models have automatic switch over between 110V AC and 240V AC mains input voltage as well as forced fan cooling. The cooling fan has the benefit of a night time function which reduces the charging load enabling the fan to be silenced. It will even turn the fan on and revert to full charge capability after 10 hours if you forget to turn off night mode.



Input Mains Voltage: 240V AC nominal ( 195V to 265V) or 110VAC (98V to 133V)
Input Mains Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Efficiency: 80%
Max Current Draw: 2.0A (4A at 110V)
Fuse: 6A Mini Blade


Number of outputs: 3 independent isolated outputs for 3 battery banks
Number of charging curves: 4 programmes selectable by DIP switch
Fuse: 2 x 15A Mini Blade


Automatic protection against: Output overload
Excessive internal temperature
Charging voltage too high
Reversed battery polarity


Display: 3 Colour LED shows
Charging status
Error / Fault status
Weekly Equalisation: Automatic
Charge Programmes: Lead Acid Open Cell Battery
Gel Battery
Lead Calcium Battery
LiFeSo4 Battery with BMS
Night Mode: Button press to silence cooling fan for night time use.
Self resets after 10 hours


Dimensions: 96mm x 120mm x 354mm
Weight: 1.9Kg
Mounting: 2 screws 4mm diam (M4)

Mains Input Connector: Winsta WAGO style – provided
Battery Output Connector: Phoenix Contact – provided

Housing: Powder coated aluminium cover

Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% without condensation
Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C (-20°C to +70°C storage)

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 10 in


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