Dolphin Battery Chargers‎ 24V 20A Dolphin Premium 110Vac 220V 3 out

Dolphin Premium Battery Charger 24V 20A

We are now able to offer the SAME QUALITY as the original Dolphin/Reya charger at a more competitive price since we purchase DIRECT from the manufacture! New robust compact housing is light weight and easier to install than ever thanks to better mounting design and electrical speed connections. Outstanding features include the latest battery charging technology with a new charging program for lithium-ion-iron-phosphate batteries.

All Dolphin Battery Chargers and accessories are CE marked and manufactured to UL and ABYC specifications.

Other main features include:

•Digital management with up to date RISC microcontroller
•4 Charging programs including one for Lithium-Ion-Iron-Phosphate with integrated BMS
•Charging program selection by internal dip switch
•Automatic weekly Equalization for all charging programs
•Thanks to the Winsta (Wago) and Phoenix contact connectors wiring & connection is easy and user friendly
• 3 completely isolated battery outputs
Night mode (Silent – fan turned off)

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in


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