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Eskimo Ice EI1000X Fishbox Ice System Eskimo Ice Maker Dometic

Titanium Durability & 1000 lbs/454 kg Of Fishbox Ice Per Day

The Dometic Eskimo Ice 1000X (EI1000X) makes up to 1,000 lb/454 kg of fishbox ice per day and is smaller, lighter, and better than previous versions: ■ Smaller – The EI1000X is smaller, taking 3 in/7.62 cm off the height and 2 in/5.08 cm off the width to increase installation location options. In addition, the side panels and frame are removable so it can be installed through even smaller openings then reattached on the other side. The components remain assembled even without the frame. ■ Lighter – The EI1000X is lighter by 10 lb/4.5 kg, making it easier to maneuver. ■ Better – Most importantly, the biggest innovation of the EI1000X is the titanium condensing coil—an industry first. Impervious to erosion and corrosion, the titanium coil allows more vigorous cleaning than traditional cupronickel coils can tolerate, which is necessary to eradicate invasive, destructive marine life that attach to the inside of the coil. Titanium Advantages Titanium durability extends the service life of the system for many years of worry-free operation. This is because titanium is unaffected by the punishing combination of saltwater, invasive marine life, and the harsh acids used for routine cleaning of the condenser coil. Output and Operation The EI1000X provides up to 41 lb/19 kg of ice per hour—that’s 1,000 lb/454 kg a day to keep all your fish in pristine condition. Ice is generated minutes after starting the system, and can be conveyed up to 50 ft/15 m, depending on conditions and angle of run, through an ice-delivery hose to nearly any desired location onboard. A highly efficient auger improves ice production and ice quality.

The system is operated by the Smart Logic digital control/display panel which is integrated into the electrical box and can be mounted remotely for installation flexibility. Smart Logic features include a full menu of sensors and status lights that monitor pressure faults, auger motor, compressor, water level, ice level, and ice clogs, and will shut off the system if problems are detected. An optional second control can be remotely mounted for ease of use elsewhere in the boat.

Connectivity The EI1000X is CAN Bus compatible and can connect to Dometic’s Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control (STIIC) networking software that lets you monitor and control all your STIIC-enabled Dometic systems from one convenient location via touch screen, mobile phone, or tablet using a WiFi or Ethernet connection.

Specifications for Titanium Eskimo Ice 1000X
ModelEI1000X-230V EI1000X-220V 
Ice Capacity Per Day (lbs/ kg) (1)1000/4541000/454
Ice Capacity Per Hour (lbs/kg) (1)42/19.142/19.1
Voltage (V)230220
Cycle (Hz)/Phase (Ph)60/150/1
Full Load Amps (FLA) Cool (A)9.79.3
Locked Rotor Amps (LRA) (A)58.849.7
Max. Circuit Breaker (A)3030
Min. Circuit Ampacity (A)1818
Refrigerant Type404A404A
Water Consumption Per Day/24 Hours (gal/l)120/454.3120/454.3
Height (in/mm) (2)20.13/51220.13/512
Width (in/mm) (2)19.25/48919.25/489
Depth (in/mm) (2)21.5/54721.5/547
Net Weight (lbs/kg) (3)201/91.2201/91.2
Gross Weight (lbs/kg) (3)220/99.8220/99.8

logo pdfEI1000X Spécifications 

226000056 TUBE, INSUL 1.125IDX.75W WHTUNclick

225500064 PUMP, PMA500 PMA500 115v / 60Hz / 1Phclick

Old Models. EI1000D UNITS

252000047 $19,580.00 EI1000D-230-OP 0′ 230V no pump/ no hose/ins
252000551 $19,900.00 EI1000D-230-OP 15′ 230V no pump w/15′ hose/ins
252000553 $20,625.00 EI1000D-230-WP 35′ 230V pump w/35′ hose/ins

Weight240 lbs
Dimensions28 × 28 × 33 in



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