The First Electronic Diesel Generators Available NMEA 2000® Certified

Experience the future of marine power with our Westerbeke D-NET™ electronic generators, the first to be NMEA 2000® certified. These innovative “d generators” are available with standard Westerlink or optional NMEA 2000® compliant databus communication, setting a new standard in marine engineering. The NMEA 2000® network allows certified components like our d generators to significantly reduce the cost, weight, and space typically required for cabling on vessels. By using simple “T” connections, these components can communicate over a single NMEA 2000® cable, streamlining the installation and integration process.

Information At Your Fingertips

All Westerbeke D-NET™ d generators feature digital controls that provide immediate access to operational status and system diagnostics without the complexity of traditional systems. The intuitive displays use plain text for easy troubleshooting, eliminating the need for manuals to interpret numerical codes. Indicator lights provide at-a-glance confirmation that systems are functioning correctly, enhancing usability and reducing downtime.

Quiet, Slow-Speed, Digital Operation

Our 15.0 EDT d generator operates at a calm 1800 RPM, ensuring minimal noise and vibration. The precision-engineered air intake silencer and 4-cylinder engine deliver smooth and quiet operation, while electronic governing minimizes speed fluctuations under load. For added aesthetics and noise reduction, consider our optional Sound Guard SST, featuring a high-quality stainless steel base and stylish powder-coated aluminum panels.

Standard Features:

  • Digital display and diagnostics panel for easy monitoring.
  • Electronic governing for stable power output.
  • Comprehensive safety shut-downs including overspeed, underspeed, low oil pressure, and high temperatures.
  • Efficient 50 amp battery charging alternator.
  • Self-bleeding fuel system enhances reliability.
  • Advanced fresh water cooling and coolant recovery systems.
  • Gear-driven raw water pump and tuned air intake silencer.
  • Anti-vibration mounts and lube oil drain hose for maintenance ease.

Optional Equipment:

  • NMEA 2000® compliant databus for enhanced integration.
  • Remote start-stop panel and extension cables for convenient control.
  • Hydro hush muffler and on-board spare parts kits for extended cruising.

Embrace the cutting-edge technology of our d generators and ensure your marine adventures are powered by the best in class. For more information, visit the YachtAid Marine website.

Weight 588 lbs
Dimensions 35.20 × 1910 × 24 in


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