Remote Digital Gauge 3 Inches Kohler Marine Generator Gasoline/Diesel

3 Inches Remote Digital Gauge

GM32337-KP2 for 5EKD, 7.5EKD, 10EKD, 6EKOD, 9EKOZD, 11EKOZD

GM100956-KP1 for 13EKOZD, 15EKOZD, 20EKOZD, 23EKOZD

The digital gauge allows remote starting/stopping and monitoring of certain generator set functions. These generator sets have the ADC 2100 controller and a 12-pin customer-interface connector for connection to the remote digital gauge. See Figure 1 for the remote digital gauge controls.

(J-1939) w/Pigtail Connector

logo pdfRemote Digital Gauge Specifications

logo pdfkohler remote 3 inches TT 1379

logo pdftp6772

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in


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