Westerbeke Oil Filter 36918 Marine Generators

Lube Oil Filter

  • For Westerbeke models
  • 4.5BCG 4.5BCGB 4.5BCGTC 5.0BCG 5.0BCGA
  • 7.0BCG 7.0BCGA 7.0BCGB 7.0BCGC 7.2BCGTC
  • 8.0BEG 8.0TWG 8.5BTG 9.6BCGTC 10.0BEG
  • 11.0TWG 12.5BEG 12.5BTG 15.0BEG 15.0BTG
  • 20.0BEG 25.0BEG 3.0WMD 4.0BCD 4.4BCD
  • 4.4WMD 5.0BCDA 5.0BCDA 6.0BCD 7.6BTD 7.7WMD
  • 8.0BTD 8.0BTDA 8.0WMD 10.0BTD 10.0BTA
  • 11.0WMD 12.5 BTDB 15.0BTDC W12BTWO
  • W12CTWO W20BTWO W30BThree W35BThree
  • W35CThree W35DThree W38BFour W42BFour
  • W44AFour W44BFour W13A W13 W18 W21A
  • W21 W27 W27A W10Two
  • 8.0SBEG 10.0SBEG 12.5SBEG 14.0SBEG
  • 20.0SBEG 22.5SBEG

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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