7.5MDKBJ Cummins Onan QD 60 Hz 7.5KW Marine Diesel Generator

Discover the robust 7.5MDKBJ Cummins Onan QD Marine Diesel Generator, a highlight of our Onan Marine Generators Price List. Known for its advanced engineering and reliability, this generator is ideal for powering a wide range of electrical appliances on your boat, combining durable construction with the latest technology for quiet, efficient operation.

Advanced Digital Display and Diagnostics: Equipped with the Cummins Onan Digital Display, this model from our Onan Marine Generators Price List offers comprehensive diagnostics. It provides detailed reports on engine and alternator performance, featuring a user-friendly interface for easy monitoring and management.

Unrivaled Support Network: As part of the Onan Marine Generators Price List, this model benefits from the largest worldwide certified Distributor/Dealer support network in the marine industry. This extensive support network ensures that help and genuine parts are always available, maintaining peak performance wherever your journeys may take you.

Vibration Reduction System: This key model in our Onan Marine Generators Price List features an optimized mounting system that significantly reduces vibration. This not only enhances comfort aboard your vessel but also protects onboard equipment and extends the generator’s lifespan.

Electronic Frequency Control: The generator’s electronic frequency control is essential for powering sensitive digital appliances and computers, ensuring clean, stable power output. This feature is a staple in the Onan Marine Generators Price List, protecting your electronic devices from damage and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Eco-Friendly Operation: Commitment to environmental responsibility is a cornerstone of the Onan Marine Generators Price List. The 7.5MDKBJ meets stringent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier II emission standards, offering eco-conscious boaters a responsible power solution.

Decades of Trusted Experience: With over 70 years of marine experience, Cummins Onan’s legacy is clearly reflected in every generator set. This model from the Onan Marine Generators Price List represents a deep commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, backed by a heritage of excellence in design and after-sales support.

Conclusion: Included in our Onan Marine Generators Price List, the 7.5MDKBJ Cummins Onan QD Marine Diesel Generator is more than just a power source—it’s a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly solution that ensures peace of mind during your marine adventures.

Generator Model






Spec Sheet


60 7.50 1 62.5 120 A-1556


60 7.50 1 62.5/31.3 120/240 A-1556
Weight 1500 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 34 × 45 in
Power Type



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