VTE’s marine generator sets are the market benchmark for the optimal ratio of performance, quietness and small size. The PAGURO range is very wide to satisfy every need for power and performance, for sailboats and motorboats.


Both the engine and the alternator of the Paguro generators are water-cooled: as there is no need for ventilation for cooling, the noise is drastically reduced. In addition, the outer shell has a single small opening for the entrance of the combustion air with a labyrinth path that prevents the noise from coming out; the outer casing is made of reinforced multilayer fiberglass and covered in high density neoprene for maximum sound insulation.


Each product of the Paguro range is designed and built with ad hoc components to reduce the overall dimensions and exploit the empty spaces inside. Thanks to the VTE technology, each Paguro generator is the compact with the same energy performance with only 440 Lbs of weight and ultra compact dimensions (L35.3xW22.8.1xH25.6], produces 8.5 kW continuous.


The VTE generators are equipped with warning lights and a load indicator with a luminous column with LED for an immediate evaluation of the power usage. The panel will stop the unit automatically in case of low oil pressure or overtemperature.

PAGURO 8500 - 8.5 Kw Marine Generator

Generator manufacturer VTE Srl – Italy
Alternator type Synchronous, brushless, capacitor regulation
Continuous electrical power 8.5 KW (60 HZ) 8.5 KVA – 8 KW (50 HZ),
Voltage output Single-phase 115/230 V (60HZ) 230 V (50 HZ)
Peak Current 102 A (50 HZ) / 204 A (60 HZ)
Alternator cooling system Water-cooled through a water jacket made in stainless steel AISI 316 L
Engine manufacturer and type Lombardini 1404
Cylinders nr. 4
Engine speed 1800 (60 HZ) / 1500 (50 HZ) RPM
Starting and shut-off system 12V electrical starter, remote controlled
Specific fuel consumption 0.35 lt/KW/h
Engine cooling system Fresh water with heat exchanger
Cooling pump Self priming
Alternator Synchronous, brushless, capacitor regulation, Water-cooled through a water jacket made in stainless steel AISI 316 L, Battery charger for dedicated starting battery (12V 8A), Insulation Class H
Engine Diesel fueled, 4 cylinders, Four cycle, Fresh water cooling circuit, via heat exchanger
Remote control Remote control with LCD display
Load indicator, hour meter, frequency / engine speed
Automatic shut down for low oil pressure and/or high temperature
With 15 meters of cable and quick connector
Automatic start (optional)
Soundproof capsule Soundproof capsule made from multilayer GRP, a high density sound absorbing material and heat insulating foam lining
Split into two halves, the capsule lids enable easy off access for servicing, even in tight spaces
Dual anti-vibration system based on 4 internal soft shock absorbers and 4 firm captive engine mounts outside the capsule
Dimensions L x W x H (in) 35 X 22.8 X 25.6
Weight (capsule included) (lbs) 440
Noise level dB(A) 7 mt 49 dB(A)
Weight 470.00 lbs


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