Oil Filter Gasoline Generator Kohler

The Kohler Generator Oil Filter  is crucial for maintaining your Kohler generator’s peak performance and longevity. An oil filter is more than just a part; it’s a key to ensuring that your generator runs efficiently and reliably, especially in demanding marine environments.

Our Kohler Generator Oil Filter is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. It’s meticulously engineered to filter out contaminants from the engine oil, preventing wear and tear on your generator’s internal components. The filter’s robust construction ensures it can withstand the harsh conditions often encountered at sea, making it an ideal choice for marine generators. With a range of models available, each oil filter is tailored to fit specific Kohler generator models, ensuring a perfect match for your equipment. Keep your generator running smoothly and efficiently with this top-of-the-line oil filter.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
For Model

4EFCD, 5ECD, 7.3ECD,6EFCD (359771), 4EKD,5EKD, 7.5EKD, 10EKD, 5EKD. 7.5EKD, 8EFKD, (52 050 02-S), 9EFG, 10EGD, 13EGD, 10EG, 8EFKD, 11EFG, 13EG, 15EG, 9EFGD, 11EFGD, 15EGD, (GM28351), 5EFKOD, 6EKOD, 7EFKOZD,9EKOZD, 9EFKOZD, 11EKOZD, (ED0021752850-S), 11EFKOZD, 14EKOZD, 13EKOZD, 12EFKOZD, 13EFKOZD, 16EKOZD, 15EKOZD, 13.5EFKOZD, 16.5EFKZOD, 21EKOZD, 17.5EFKOZD, 18EFKOZD, 19.5EFKOZD, 17EFKOZD, 20EKOZD, 24EKOZD, 20EKOZD 24EKOZD,23EKOZD, (ED0021752800-S), 11EFOZD, 11.5EFOZD, 13EOZD, 13EFOZD, 13EFOZD, 17EFOZD ,17.5EFOZD, 17.5EFOZD, 20EFOZD, 23EOZD, 24EOZD, 25EFOZD, 28EFOZD, 28EOZD, 32EOZD,(GM47465)


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