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Marine Condensing Unit KRA425 KRA450 Cruisair Dometic

KRA cabinet condensing units are designed for use in direct expansion refrigeration and freezer systems, such as cockpit freezers/refrigerators or catch-box chillers and can also be used with built-in galley freezer/refrigerators.

KRA units work in conjunction with up to two (425 models) or three (450 models) evaporator plates installed in an insulated box or a box wrapped with evaporator tubing – each set to different temperatures. Each box can be held in a deep freeze depending on installation, insulation, and box volume. Box temperatures between 10° F and 40° F (-12° C and 5° C) can be achieved with the proper application.

KRA 425 units have a 1/4-HP compressor and the KRA 450 units have a 1/2-HP compressor. All models are available in 115V 60Hz, 220V 50Hz, or 230V 60Hz. KRA 450 models have a durable air/water-cooled cupronickel condenser. This dual configuration ensures that the unit performs efficiently in hot engine rooms, while also allowing full air-cooled operation when no cooling water is available.

KRA condensing units are housed in an attractive white aluminum enclosure which can be mounted on a vertical bulkhead or a horizontal shelf. An integral drain pan allows any condensate to be routed to the bilge or sump.


Condensing Units – R404A

754000429 KRA425 Condenser 1/4HP 115V 404A Slanted SINGLE
754000425 KRA425 Condenser 1/4HP 115V 404A Slanted DUAL
754000426 KRA425C Condenser 1/4HP 230V 404A Slanted DUAL
754000451 KRA450 Condenser 1/2HP 115V 404A DUAL
754000453 KRA450C Condenser 1/2HP 230V 404A Slanted DUAL
754000457 KRA450CK Condenser 1/2HP 220V 404A Slanted DUAL

Dual box uses 12V controls
Single box uses line duty.

Weight95 lbs
Dimensions25 × 20 × 23 in

115v, 230v, 220v


1/4 HP (KRA425), 1/4 HP (KRA425C), 1/2 HP (KRA450), 1/2 HP (KRA450C), 1/2 HP (KRA450CK)


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