Cruise 195 Stainless Steel Refrigerator/Freezer – DC Only, Right Swing, 4
Sided Stainless Steel Flange

Extra large CRUISE refrigerators: CRUISE 195 (INOX)

The CR 195 Stainless Steel is a two door fridge-freezer solution combining a 4.6 cu. ft. refrigerator on top and a 2.3 cu. ft freezer on the bottom. This stainless steel combo has an upscale elegance that adds value to every installation. With two compressors, this unit has the horsepower to keep boaters happy with proper temperatures in the fridge and 0° F temperatures in the deep freezer.  

Isotherm Cruise Refrigerators offer innovative, reliable and energy-efficient refrigeration system solutions designed exclusively for sailing yachts and motor cruisers.


  • High quality construction using corrosion-resistant materials
  • Fan-cooled 12 / 24 Volt Danfoss compressor with low power consumption, quiet operation
  • Installation frame (flange) and interior light included as standard equipment
  • Right-hand or left-hand side opening options (right / left door swing)
  • Classic models feature replaceable door panels (black or white standard)
  • Stainless steel models have complete stainless steel door, handle and flange
  • Separate freezer compartment (except Drink versions)
  • Innovative Isotherm door handle prevents door from being accidentally opened
  • Magnetic rubber seals keep moisture out and door firmly closed
  • One-piece inner lining of food-quality, high density plastic
  • Corner-mount, air cooled compressors and right-sized freezer compartments for optimum storage of refrigerated items
  • Remote-mount compressor on models CR 36, 40 CUBE, and 42 allow for easy fit in tight locations
  • Universal AC / DC kit optional: allows sufficient power supply worldwide


  • Cruise CR 195 Stainless Steel Refrigerator / Freezer – Model No. 1195BB7MK0000
  • Refrigerator Type: 2-Door Cabinet (refrigerator on top, freezer below)
  • Interior Light: Yes
  • Mount: Built-In / Flush ¹
  • Refrigerator Volume: 4.6 cu. ft.
  • Freezer Volume: 2.3 cu. ft.
  • Low Freezer Temperature: 0°F
  • Door Swing: Right
  • Compressor: (2) Built-in Danfoss / Secop BD35F
  • Separate thermostats for refrigerator and freezer
  • Voltage: 12 / 24 Volt DC and 115 / 230 Volt AC (60 / 50 Hz)
  • Current Draw:
    • Compressor Running: 6.2 Amp @ 12 Volt DC (half at 24 Volt DC)
    • Average: 2.3 Amp @ 12 Volt DC ²
  • Fuse: 15 Amp for 12 Volt DC / 7.5 Amp for 24 Volt DC
  • Door and 3-Sided Flange Finish: Stainless steel
  • Operating Ambient Temperature Range: 32°F – 113°F
  • Dimensions (Cut-Out): 52.9″ H x 21.4″ W x 22.5″ D

Following are the part numbers and descriptions:

1195BB1MK0000Cruise 195 Stainless Steel Refrigerator/Freezer – DC Only, Right Swing, 3 – Sided Stainless Steel Flange
1195BB7MK0000Cruise 195 Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer – AC/DC, Right Swing, 3 – Sided Stainless Steel Flange
1195BB7NK0000Cruise 195 Stainless Steel  Fridge/Freezer – AC/DC, Left Swing, 3 – Sided Stainless Steel Flange


Volume (cu.ft.)
(fridge: 4.6 + freezer: 2.3)
Dimensions H x W x D (inch)
52.9 x 21.4 x 22.5
Power consumption (W/24h)
Weight (lbs)



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