Isotherm Double Drawer 160 Light 5.5 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Flush Mount Proud Mound

The DR 160 LIGHT is an innovative evolution of the successful DR160 Frost Free Combo unit bringing the same level of rugged elegance but at a lower price point. The DR160 LIGHT is AC/DC powered, working on all voltages used world wide and is available in three versions:

• Refrigerator only (both drawers as fridges)
• Freezer only (both drawers as freezers)
• Refrigerator (top drawer) and Freezer (bottom drawer)
• Refrigerator, Freezer, and Ice Maker (AC only)
• Freezer (both drawers), Ice Maker (AC only)

The top drawer refrigerator is unique in AC/DC fridge/freezers and allows convenient access to food and beverages without having to bend to reach the lower drawer. The Drawer 160 LIGHT has rugged, self-latching drawers and is available as flush mount (doors flush with cabinet face) and proud mount (doors stand out from cabinet face). DR160 proud mount units have less depth and width than flush mount units. The proud mount version has beautifully rounded edges that are unique in refrigerator design and feature dual handles for super-strong security in rough conditions.

The Drawer 160 LIGHT is an innovative evolution of the original Drawer 160 FROST-FREE.  With AC/DC functionality, the Drawer 160 Light uses evaporator technology to deliver reliable cooling at a more economical price.

The Drawer 160 Light AC/DC models are available in three versions: (1) Fridge/Freezer, (2) Fridge only, and (3) Freezer only.

The upper drawer of the Drawer 160 Light Fridge / Freezer model consists of a refrigeration compartment with a 90 liter (3.2 cubic foot) volume while the lower drawer combines a 65 liter (2.3 cu. ft.) freezer.  Total storage volume is 5.5 cubic feet.

All Isotherm marine refrigerator drawer sizes fit common cutouts for conventional door-style refrigerators on boats and provide a convenient and upscale way to store food and beverages. Like all Isotherm products, the Drawer models are backed by the exclusive Isotherm 5-year limited warranty on all compressors and two years on all parts.

Following is the part number and descriptions for the Drawer 160 LIGHT models:


Double Drawer 160 LIGHT REFRIGERATOR ONLY – 5.5 Cu. Ft. – Stainless Steel – 4 sided flush mount flange – AC/DC


Double Drawer 160 LIGHT REFRIGERATOR / FREEZER  – 5.5 Cu. Ft. – Stainless Steel – 4 sided flush mount flange – AC/DC


Double Drawer 160 LIGHT FREEZER ONLY – 5.5 Cu. Ft. – Stainless Steel – 4 sided flush mount flange – AC/DC





Volume (cubic feet)


Dimensions H x W x D (inches)

model fridge only: 34 x 24.6 x 23.4
model freezer only: 34 x 24.6 x 23.4
model fridge + freezer: 34 x 24.6 x 23.4

Power Consumption (W/24h)

model fridge only DC: 530
model freezer only DC: 1100
model fridge + freezer DC: 1100

Weight (lbs)

model fridge only:   97
model freezer only: 101
model fridge-freezer:   99
Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 29 × 45 in





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