Isotherm Cruise 200 Refrigerator Freezer AC/DC Classic. Black Door & Panel, 4 Side Black Flange

For those seeking a premium marine refrigeration solution, the Isotherm Cruise 200 stands out as an excellent choice. Combining advanced technology, efficient performance, and a spacious design, this refrigerator-freezer unit is perfect for enhancing your marine adventures. At Yachtaid Marine, we are proud to offer this exceptional product, showcasing why it is a preferred option for marine professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Isotherm 200

The Isotherm 200 is designed to provide ample storage while maintaining efficiency and durability. With its advanced features and robust construction, it is an ideal addition to any boat or yacht, ensuring that your food and beverages remain fresh and cool during your travels.

Key Features

    1. Spacious and Versatile Design: The Isotherm Cruise 200 offers a generous 7.0 cu.ft. capacity, divided into a 5.2 cu.ft. refrigerator compartment and a 1.8 cu.ft. freezer compartment. This ample space allows you to store a variety of food and beverages, making it perfect for extended trips and larger crews.
    2. Superior Cooling Performance: Equipped with advanced cooling technology, the Isotherm Cruise 200 ensures consistent and efficient cooling. The powerful compressor operates quietly, maintaining optimal temperatures for your food and beverages even in the hottest conditions.
    3. Energy Efficiency: The Isotherm Cruise 200 is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It operates on both AC and DC power, making it suitable for various power sources on your boat or yacht. Its efficient cooling system reduces energy consumption, helping you save on power without compromising performance.
    4. User-Friendly Features: This refrigerator-freezer includes a range of user-friendly features such as a digital thermostat for precise temperature control, internal LED lighting for better visibility, and adjustable shelves to customize the storage space according to your needs.
    5. Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, the Isotherm Cruise 200 is designed to withstand the rigors of the marine environment. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting durability, making it a reliable choice for your marine adventures.

Following are the part numbers and descriptions:


Cruise 200 Classic – Side by Side Fridge/Freezer AC/DC, Black Door & Panel, 4 Side Black Flange

Installation and Maintenance

Installing the Isotherm Cruise 200 is straightforward, thanks to its compact design and user-friendly mounting options. Regular maintenance is minimal, with easy access to all components for cleaning and servicing. This ensures you can keep your refrigerator-freezer in optimal condition with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying your marine adventures.

Isotherm Cruise 200: Why Choose This Model?

Choosing the Isotherm Cruise 200 means investing in a top-tier marine refrigerator-freezer that offers a perfect blend of style, functionality, and efficiency. Here’s why this model stands out:

  1. Advanced Technology
    • The Isotherm Cruise 200 is equipped with cutting-edge technology that enhances its performance and efficiency. The digital thermostat and efficient compressor ensure optimal cooling, while the energy-saving features help reduce power consumption.
  2. Elegant Design
    • With its sleek stainless steel finish and modern design, this refrigerator-freezer adds a touch of elegance to any marine setting. It not only performs well but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your boat or yacht.
  3. User Convenience
    • The user-friendly features of this refrigerator-freezer make it incredibly easy to use. From the intuitive digital thermostat to the convenient internal lighting, every aspect of the Isotherm Cruise 200 is designed for your convenience.
  4. Reliability
    • Built to withstand the harsh marine environment, the Isotherm Cruise 200 offers reliable performance and durability. It is a trusted choice for marine professionals and enthusiasts who require dependable refrigeration solutions.


CRUISE 200 Classic


CR 200 Classic

Volume (cu.ft.)

(fridge: 5.2 + freezer: 1.8)

Dimensions H x W x D (inch)

34.7 x 28.9 x 24.3

Power consumption (W/24h)


Weight (lbs)


Customer Support and Warranty

At Yachtaid Marine, we are committed to providing exceptional customer support. Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience with our products. The Isotherm Cruise 200 comes with a comprehensive warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.


The Isotherm Cruise 200 Refrigerator Freezer is an outstanding choice for those in need of a reliable, high-performing, and stylish refrigeration solution for marine environments. With its advanced features, energy-efficient design, and durable construction, it provides unparalleled convenience and comfort during your travels. Trust Yachtaid Marine to deliver the best in marine refrigeration technology with the Isotherm Cruise 200.

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Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 42 in





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