Cruise 40 CUBE – AC/DC, White Door & Panel – Vertical or Horizontal Installation – No Flange – Remote Mount Compressor

Isotherm CRUISE 40 CUBE Classic Fridge or Freezer – Small CRUISE fridge

The Cruise 40 CUBE is a versatile box that can be used as a fridge or freezer and installed both as a front opening fridge or freezer or as a top opening fridge or freezer. With a remote-mount compressor this unit is the answer to boaters who want to add a refrigerator or a freezer quickly to any kind of boat.  As standard installation the CR 40 CUBIC is an ordinary front opening fridge or freezer. By changing orientation, it can be mounted like a cockpit top opening fridge or freezer like the Isotherm Built-In line products.

Internal features like the shelf and drip pan can be moved along with the orientation.  Easy to set thermostat makes the CUBE 40 a valuable member of the fishing or chartering team: fill it full of beverages for the trip out and then fill it with fish fillets on the way back for freshly frozen fish direct from the ocean and into the freezer at home.

Quickly add refrigeration or freezer space to any style of boat! Cube 40s can be used as refrigerators only or as freezers only—turn the temperature up for refrigeration or down to zero for a deep freezer. Top- or front-loading configuration is possible, with installation possibilities further enhanced by the Danfoss BD35 compressor which can be remotely mounted to accommodate tight spaces. The door is all-white, with a panel that can be replaced with your custom veneer. For dimensions, operating voltages and additional features and benefits, see the Cube 40 Information Sheet.

Key Features:

Following are part numbers for DC-only and AC/DC:


Cruise 40 CUBE – AC/DC,  White Door – Vertical or Horizontal Installation – No Flange – Remote Mount Compressor


CRUISE 40 CUBE Classic



Volume (l)

 40  /  1.4

Dimensions H x W x D (inch)

17 x 17 x 17

Power consumption (W/24h)


Weight (lbs)

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 22 in





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