Cruise 320 COMBI Stainless Steel Fridge/Fridge/Fridge – AC/DC – 11 cu. ft. (5.5 cu.ft./5.5 cu.ft.) 2-drawer fridge on bottom

The Isotherm Cruise 320 COMBI Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer is a large 11 cubic foot marine refrigerator that fits the requirements of boaters looking for large capacity marine-grade performance in a fridge/freezer. Thanks to the modular concept, different combinations can be accomplished including all-freezer double drawer on the bottom or a fridge/freezer double drawer on the bottom.

The Isotherm Cruise 320 COMBI is built upon the highly successful Drawer 160 refrigerator which has features no other AC/DC fridge has such as:

Blum under-support “L” shaped ball bearing rails with soft touch close. These slides are unique to Isotherm and provide superior support, stability, and strength to the drawer structures
The top drawer on the Isotherm in the fridge/freezer configuration is the fridge drawer.
The drawer faces can be adjusted for pitch and yaw, keep the structure alignment true for the life of the fridge
The fridge drawer has a built-in condensation capture system that minimizes frosting issues
The top refrigerator uses Isotherm’s exclusive DRINK design to pull cold air off the evaporator and circulate it within the refrigerator in a convection action
The top refrigerator also has the built-in condensation capture system to reduce frosting issues
Positive latching stainless steel handles keep doors shut in the roughest conditions
Separate compressors for the top fridge and bottom drawers deliver the power necessary to maintain proper temperatures
The fridge can be broken down into separate components (top fridge and bottom drawers) to facilitate movement through doors and companionways

The new COMBI Line allows interesting hybrid mixes by combining unique fridges and freezers into a single extra-large upright fridge freezer combinations. The COMBI Line consists of the Cruise 195 COMBI (Cruise 130 Drink Fridge/Cruise 65 Freezer, the Cruise 220 COMBI (Cruise 130 Drink Fridge/Cruise 90 Freezer), Cruise 260 COMBI (Cruise 130 Drink Fridge/Drawer 130 Fridge with internal freezer drawer) and Crluise 320 COMBI (Cruise 160 Drink Fridge/Double Drawer 160 as available in the current model range). Standard availability and custom configurations will be possible with the CR320 models. Stainless steel finishing with special flush flange supplied as standard.

Please contact Indel Webasto Marine USA for details.

Following are part numbers for standard configurations:

5.5 cu. ft. top fridge/ 5.5 cu. ft. bottom double drawer


Cruise 320 COMBI Stainless Steel Fridge/Fridge/Freezer –  AC/DC – 11 cu. ft. (5.5 cu.ft./5.5 cu.ft.)  2-drawer fridge/freezer on bottom


Cruise 320 COMBI Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer/Freezer –  AC/DC – 11 cu. ft. (5.5 cu.ft./5.5 cu.ft.)  2-drawer freezer on bottom


Cruise 320 COMBI Stainless Steel Fridge/Fridge/Fridge –  AC/DC – 11 cu. ft. (5.5 cu.ft./5.5 cu.ft.)  2-drawer fridge on bottom
Weight 210 lbs
Dimensions 80.5 × 30 × 27 in


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