SP “2055” Water Cooled, Small flat-evap (5.1 x 13.9), Click-on Bracket, 2.1 cu.ft. fridge or 0.7 cu. ft. freezer

Evaporator: Small Flat
Max. Box Volume Fridge: 2.1 Cu. ft.
Max. Box Volume Freezer: 0.7 Cu. ft.

Minimized ocean water cooled units – Self Pumping (SP)

Indeed, even on the most blazing day the water-cooled Isotherm SP works reliably at an incredibly elevated degree of productivity. Without fans or siphons to eliminate the intensity created by the blower, the SP framework consumes substantially less battery power and is astoundingly peaceful.

Establishment is simple: basically mount the evaporator high in the crate, interface the pre-charged plate and blower, and associate power. Changing over your old cooler into an advanced fridge has never simpler.

When introduced, the well established issue of pulling ice will be finished! Isotherm represents considerable authority in reliable, energy-productive frameworks which are supported by the selective Isotherm 5-year guarantee on all blowers so you’ll have the certainty of realizing you have bought the best.

 Temperature Range:**  Fridge or Freezer
 Max. Box Volume Fridge (Cu Ft.)  2.1 Cu Ft.
 Max. Box Volume Freezer (Cu Ft.)  0.7 Cu Ft
 Compressor Type:  BD35F
 Evaporator Type:  Flat
 Voltage DC:  12-24 VDC
 Amps Power Consumption:
Max / Hourly *
 2.5 / 0.6
 Low Voltage Battery Protection:  Standard
 Compressor Dimensions:  8″ L x 5″ W x 6″ H
204mm L x 127mm W x 153mm H
 Evaporator Dimensions:  14″ L x 5″ W
356mm L x 127mm W
 Weight:  22 LBS
10 KG
Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 20 in


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