Double Drawer 160 Frost Free Fridge/Freezer/Ice Maker Isotherm

Double Drawer 160 Frost Free Freezer Ice Maker COMBO Stainless Steel

The DRAWER 160 is a double-drawer refrigerator/freezer with an automatic ice maker. The upper drawer of the DR160 consists of a 3.2 cubic foot refrigerator while the lower drawer holds a 2.3 cubic. foot freezer with ice maker and bin which holds 0.2 cu. ft of ice.

The total internal volume is 5.5 cu. ft while the outer dimensions remain very compact. The DRAWER 160 is available in either 115 volts 60 Hz AC or 230 volts 50 Hz AC. The DR160 is equipped with frost-free technology which is very energy efficient and provides structural features that do not allow frost accumulation.

An easy to access control panel in the top drawer has digital read-out in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Cool blue LED lights make accessing food easy. A six-bottle, fold-away caddy mounted inside the top of the fridge section makes excellent use of space for wine and beverage storage. Gallon bottles of milk easily fit the fridge drawer in the standing position. Designed in conjunction with one of the world’s leading boat builders, the DR160 has features like drawer strength, positive latching handles, and superior function that make it a top performer in the marine environment.

The Isotherm Drawer 160 is the perfect solution for an under-the-counter height two-drawer marine refrigertor. The sleek stainless steel exterior is a modern note in the galley. This roomy and rugged drawer style refrigerator is very easy to access, and has positive latching handles keep the drawers shut, even in the roughest conditions.

The Isotherm Drawer 160 Frost-Free COMBO Fridge/Freezer/Ice Maker is a double-drawer unit which offers both a fridge and a freezer solution and the additional convenience of an ice maker. The DR160 Frost-Free uses frost-free technology with a periodic defrost cycle.  The upper drawer of this model consists of a refrigeration compartment with a 90 liter (3.2 cubic foot) volume while the lower drawer combines a 65 liter (2.3 cu. ft.) freezer and ice maker with a 6 liter ice case. The total volume is 5.5 cubic feet.

The DR160 Frost-Free COMBO is available in 115 volt and 230 volt (50 Hz).  The Drawer 160 Frost-Free COMBO features digitial fridge, freezer, and ice maker controls in a convenient panel in the top drawer along with blue LED lighting.

The Isotherm Drawer 160 is available in these


  • Both drawers refrigerator
  • Both drawers freezer
  • Top drawer refrigerator, bottom drawer freezer
  • Top drawer refrigerator, bottom drawer freezer with icemaker
  • Both drawers freezer with icemaker

With two mounting options:

  • Flush Flange with one latch per drawer
  • Proud Mount with two latches per drawer




Volume (cu.ft.)


Dimensions H x W x D (inch)

34 x 24.6 x 23.4

Power Consumption (W/24h)

115V: 1100

Weight (lbs)

Weight 104 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 29.6 × 28 in





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