F Plate Kit – 1 plate kit

The F1 evaporator plate is suitable for small all fridge applications up to 120 litres litres in size.

Plate Dimensions: 406mm (l) x 254mm (w)
Arae: 1033 sq. cm

* 1 plate kit
* Plate Dimensions: 406mm x 254mm
* Used for all refrigerator applications

Evaporator Plate options
A variety of evaporator plates are available to suit your application. Flat plates for cooling or freezing, large flat plates that can be bent to suit your available space and pre-bent plates to enclose a small freezer area in a larger fridge space.

Freezers and large fridges require large evaporator plates to maintain stable temperatures. It is good practice to choose the largest plate that you can fit in your fridge/freezer area.

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 in


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