ZF Marine 463-4 Control Head – Black with Chrome Levers

Discover the ZF Control Head 400 Series featuring the chrome lever synch control head; Part No. 463-4. This dual control model, with its sleek black knobs and chrome levers, fits seamlessly with ZF Marine’s MiniCommand, CruiseCommand, 9000 Series ClearCommand, and 9000 Series Premium ClearCommand control systems. Designed specifically for pleasure craft and vessels up to 50 feet with up to two control stations, the 463-4 offers a sophisticated blend of style and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Start Interlock: Prevents engine start-up while the transmission is engaged, enhancing safety.
  • Cruise Mode: Simplifies operation by allowing dual engine systems to be managed with a single lever for clutch and throttle, providing one lever per engine for streamlined control.
  • Multiple Station Control: Ensures consistent speed across multiple engines, optimizing fuel economy, reducing noise, and minimizing vibration.
  • Warm-Up Mode: Prepares the engine quickly for departure by allowing it to reach the optimal operating temperature, also useful for engine testing.

When you choose the ZF Marine 463-4 Control Head, you’re backed by the expertise of Seatech Marine Products, Inc., a leader in the marine industry known for its exceptional customer service and support. The design of the this product is not only built to withstand the harsh marine environment but also to enhance the aesthetic of your vessel’s control system.

Product Numbers:

  • PN: 3341002007 – 463-4 Dual Black with Chrome Levers
  • PN: 3341002015 – 463-4P Dual Black with Chrome Levers with Plug

ZF Marine Electronics control heads are crafted to provide unmatched durability and user-friendly functionality, making boat handling and docking effortless. The MiniCommand series upholds the ZF tradition of simplifying marine operations with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design.

Weight 8 lbs


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