ZF Marine 90010 Microcommander Troll Actuator

    • These units can not be returned after 10 days from shipment date.
    • Plug-in Installation – With plug connectors, CruiseCommand and the 9000 series makes installation easier, cutting labor times significantly. Determine cable length and engine and gear requirements and you’re ready to plug in this system. To make it even easier, we’ll provide custom kits to meet specific needs for production builders.
    • Push Button Set Up – Push Button set up makes configuring the parameters for your controls easier than ever before. Simply enter in the parameter code and the processor instantly makes the correct adjustments. Changing configurations at a later time to meet new specifications is just as easy.
    • Start Interlock – Our neutral start interlock feature prevents engine start up unless controls are on and in neutral and a station is in command.
    • Sequencing Technology – Speed / shift sequence protection allows shifting from full ahead to full astern in one motion while preventing damage to the engine or gear. designed with safety in mind, this sequencing technology allows you to respond instantly to emergency situations..
    • Synchronization – Engine synchronization is standard on all processors. Synchronization automatically maintains the same speed on multiple engines thereby increasing operating efficiency, improving fuel economy and reducing noise and vibration. One lever operation is available allowing control of multiple engines with one lever.
    • Built-in Diagnostic Display – Each processor features a display unit which provides information for set up, system status, or diagnostic purposes..
    • Multiple Control Stations – Each processor has the capability of supporting multiple control stations, which will allow the optional use of our handheld control unit in addition to mounted control heads. The 9000 Series support five control ststions and CruiseCommand provides connections for four remote control stations..
    • Troll – Our processors control mechanical or electronic trolling valves or ZF Autotroll. The feature controls clutch slippage while maintaining slow engine speed and enhancing fuel economy. A full range of shaft speeds remain available from any ststion, without additional switches.

    Additional Features:

    • Plug-in connections
    • Push button setup
    • Built-in diagnostic display
    • Easy Station Transfer
    • Multiple control stations – CruiseCommand:4, 9000 Series:5
    • Station-in-command indicator
    • Warm-up mode
    • Start-interlock to neutral
    • Engine synchronization
    • Two idle speeds (high and low)
    • Speed/shift sequence protection
    • One lever operation
    • Reduction gear oil pressure interlock
    • External alarm interface
    • Audible and Visual indicatiors
    • Self-contained watertight enclosure
    • Worldwide sales and service support
    • Three-year warranty

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ZF Marine Electronics
Microcomander 90010 Manual PDF

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in



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